Trade Idea(s) Second Edition

Aha! (or arg) whichever way one perceives it. Basketball doldrums are upon us. So until camp starts and the Spurs are set to begin the season, I've taken a look at three teams (of course the Spurs as one of them) that might be interesting cohorts in the trade arena.

JGomez as recent as here started the GM For A Day thread. As time passes it continues to roll down the charts and easy visibility becomes out of sight unless one is to purposely search. To some that may be a good thing. But for those still interested, I've taken unofficial liberty to present what may be a situation to which three teams, Spurs, Sixers, and Hornets to making a deal.

With both Philadelphia and Charlotte in "rebuild" mode, players from each team may be, and have been mentioned in rumors to being possibly moved. For Philadelphia those rumors have included Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. While the Hornets have been mentioned to be looking to improve their 3 point shooting without giving too much up in terms of existing personnel. And for the most part teams wisely don't trade unless it's for a sure thing. That sure thing could be future draft picks, (which seems to be the trending approach for teams in rebuild mode); Or, definitive player(s) which immediately improves an existing roster; Or, reduction of salary in order for a team to afford resigning their player(s). Of course with Charlotte, Michael Jordan is notorious for being of a stubborn nature when it comes to trades and not known is the extent new management in Philadelphia is willing to explore.

So without further delay, I present this idea.

Spurs, 76ers, Hornets trade

Upon first review it may seem redundant to have Evan Turner and Kidd-Gilchrist on the same roster. But their games are different with Turner a better 3 point shooter. Hornets just resigned Henderson, who again is redundant in terms of both he and Gilchrist play in the same manner. Which leads to the importance of Jason Richardson in this deal being he too a formidable 3 point shooter who's salary and experience suits the possibility of a more flexible rotation. A better spread the floor environment can be achieved which allows Kemba Walker to more effectively drive and dish as well as Turner being able to use his court vision abilities to help the Hornets in roster transitions when Walker is not present on the floor. Another words, diversity which can be implemented depending on matchups with youth as well as being high draft pick selections making this back court smorgasbord a formidable combination for years to come. Would it be something Michael Jordan be willing to pull the trigger on? Would he be willing to give up a high draft pick if he gets a former 1st round 2nd pick in Turner? Which leads me to Philadelphia.

Remember the reasons listed above for making a possible trade? In the 76ers case, this of course is not about improving upon an existing roster. Quite the contrary. This becomes more about future draft picks. As per RealGM Future Draft Picks, you see that the Hornets have, in the first round of the 2014 draft, three picks: 1-10 Own; 11-30 to CHI; POR 13-30; DET 9-30. Philadelphia in the first round has 1-14 Own; 15-30 to MIA; NOP 6-30, or two picks. Where Philadelphia may be inviting a -2 wins next season, they more than make up for it in future draft picks IF Charlotte is willing to give them their DET 13-30 for Evan Turner. But I venture to think a back court consisting of Ben Gordan and Thadeus Young to be a solid combination with the 76ers perhaps in a better financial position to resign Gordan next season than would be the Hornets.

But why would Philadelphia give up Spencer Hawes?

Well this could, (and for all probable reasons should) end this silly notion of this deal. Ok. With the use of time lapse photography I've managed to take an hour of being interrupted, keeping in mind why this would make sense and then come back and present. Remember the deal that sent Pau Gasol to the Lakers several years ago? You know. The one that had even Greg Popovich publicly criticizing the ethics of the deal. Well the Spurs just may have in their possession a drafted player in Livio Jean-Charles, the type of impact player in the future as Marc Gasol became for the Grizzlies. Someone I believe Brett Brown is more than aware of coming down the pipe. Include him and a future pick, and the deal does not seem as far fetched as in it's current context.

So why Jeffery Taylor to the Spurs?

All summer people have been clamoring for a back up SF for Kawhi Leonard. Well, here ya' go. Not the seasoned vet most were hoping, but none the less, a very capable, defense oriented, can be taught to shoot in the Spurs organization, somewhat raw, young player, who can be shaped, much in the same way Danny Green progressed, to becoming an integral ingredient of the Spur's system. That along with (IF) Turner goes to Charlotte, not much playing time or development for the Swede.

So there you have it

A 985 word count post, that more than likely will not come to fruition. But as I said, some boring times in these parts. Made the most of it. Tried to present it as broken down as I could. Thank you for your patience if you actually took the time to read the whole thing. And if that wasn't enough. Try these other ideas involving the same teams.

This One and This One and This One and This One = ]

Now. Ready for the reasons why this was a waste of time. And that's OK. Because, what else was there to do?

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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