A Lexicon Story

It took me a while. Not that I was looking for it. But that old saying of "You'll find it when you are not looking" rang true in my moment of summer boredom. Not really an exciting time for Spur fans. The latest pulmonary articles at PtR has been reliving game 6 over a series of stories masterfully written by J.R. Wilco, JGomez and aaronstampler . While nothing exciting in the way of a block buster trade, major free agent signing, or even knowledge of where Greg Popovich may be secluded sampling the fruits of his labor with several bottles of what I'm sure to be, as Granny Clampett used to say "medicinal", the best vino known to man. That is an investigative story I’m sure won’t be published any time soon.

So, what is this all about?

For beginners, literally speaking, and including the experienced browsers of PtR which may have forgot, there is a library section in the opening masthead where you can extrapolate this 3 year old article, cleverly and brilliantly written, by J.R. Wilco himself. Which I believe to this day, in a reminiscent time of being articulately fresh in presentation, might have been his best piece. =]

So I invite all who are new, or long time participants who may have cached this cornerstone into their memory banks, to take a read. It’s slow right now. The Spurs are not doing anything of grandeur at this moment. And if they do, then by all means that takes precedence over this piece.

Why the Interest?

Did I mention finding something when not looking for it? This could be I am so bored with the summer process of what is happening with the Spurs; And cannot wait ‘till next season begins; The stumbling upon what was written in context of why it was written to begin with struck a funny bone inside my soul. And hey, is it not time to start laughing and putting the heartbreak of this past nba finals behind? Well if it does, then I’ve done my job. If it doesn’t, I can understand.

This quote from that piece

Even today, after nearly "thrity" years in the mainstream, you'll still see and hear people use "ABS brakes"

may or may not have been intentional. But perhaps it should be added to the list of "lexicons" as future reference. I mean really, thirty is such an important time in our lives that we may revisit it in the future as being more like "thrity" when we eventually reach the age of "froty". And it is not without question those who reach the age of "fity" may or may not know what genera of hip hop lingo would be understood.

So for the fun of it, until the season begins, (or something really major develops this off season), add your own lexicon or suggested acronym to the list. Pehaps it will be taken into consideration. Perhaps not. Bottom line, in this fun loving piece, I hope we can laugh at ourselves. Let go of our heart wrenching (not so long in the past Spur fandom of what could have been). Look forward to the future. Have fun. And by all means…add a little "lexicon" to our lives.

If you can’t, then watch a few episodes of "Off Their Rockers"…that show definitely has given me some ideas of what I would like to do once I reach that age. Maybe even now!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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