Which NBA players do you see as future NBA head-coaches?

During these last years, as the day Ginobili will say goodbye gets closer and closer, there's been an increasing talk about many people who think he would be a good basketball coach.

The most funny part about this is that we were able to witness a bit of what could Manu do as a coach in crunch time.

So, at least I can say that I am intrigued about what Manu could do as a head coach in any basketball team.

But, what about the rest of the NBA players? Is there anybody out there that could become a good coach in a couple of years?

I've been thinking about this recently because, you know, it's off season and I really don't have anything else to do until late August, when the next term will start at my university.

One of these players I thought some time ago that could be a nice coach has become already a head coach right now. Of course, I didn't think Jason Kidd would be coaching right after he left the game, but... I still think he might do a decent job this season.


Anyway,anybody else out there would be a coach in the near future? What do you think about Steve Nash? He would probably be the second coming of D'Antoni, but he has a great BBIQ, and my guess is that he might pay more attention to defense, even though he haven't done it for his whole carrer.

Maybe, if he hires Bruce Bowen as an assistant... but I just don't see it.

Here is a short list about actual NBA players that, in my opinion, would be great NBA coaches, other that the three I have already mentioned:

- Tim Duncan: he's smart, he knows the fundamentals better than his own name and he has a strong character. He would be a damn good coach, but I don't think that's what he wants to be in the future.

- Chris Paul: I hate him, but I believe he's a really smart player.

- Marc Gasol: great talent, very smart and strong character. Fair enough.

- Pablo Prigioni: he's another really smart player, with high BBIQ. Maybe not as an NBA coach, but I think he would be a decent FIBA coach.

Now, this is a top 10 of NBA players that shouldn't be allowed to coach in ANY sport:

10) Dwyane Wade

9) Ray Allen (he's an asshole and I hate him)

8) Russell Westbrook (just because of the way he dresses, he shouldn't be allowed to enter a field)

7) J.R. Smith

6) Amar'e Stoudemire "defense? what's that?"

5) Kobe Bryant (I can see him replacing some player just to shoot the ball himself... because, you know, it's Kobe)

4) Jason Terry (same as Allen, but x10000)

3) LeBron James (something like Jordan, the best player right now, but he wouldn't be able to coach anybody)

And the last two... I don't know about this, because it's pretty close, so you pick this one for me:

Who would be the worst head coach for a NBA team: Dwight Howard or JaVale McGee????

And if you have any other player that you would add to any list, feel free to name it.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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