Outsourced : The Offseason

Here we are Spurs fans, the worst basketball time of the calender year. Summer league is done, most free agents have signed, and now we sit, patiently awaiting a Woj Bomb. How we will make it to preseason, I have no idea, but while we wait, I got together some reading on the San Antonio Spurs and NBA Offseason.

J.Gomez of PtR wrote a piece a few weeks back about the Spurs offseason moves, and it is definitely one of the better offseason articles I have read for the Spurs:

The Spurs didn't make any splashy signings, but managed to add some nice complementary pieces without disturbing their championship-caliber core.

Here, Zach Lowe of Grantland wrote about the entire NBA offseason, and gave some minor predictions. As always, Zach Lowe's piece was amazing, so I advise you to check it out:

The Spurs had a chance to be bold by renouncing Splitter, opening up a ton of cap space, and signing a new big-name rotation player — likely a big man — with more pop to his game. They went the other route, indicating that they either preferred Splitter or concluded that they couldn't get the one or two assets they wanted. Oh well.

BrunoPassos of PtR wrote this piece about DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal's futures. Best of luck to them both (More so Gary)

Now that the big free agents have been inked, and the royal baby has been birthed, worldwide speculation now falls on the lesser-known NBA players who, like Kate and William's child, are waiting to hear their names called.

Here, J.Gomez of PtR gives a nice analysis of the potential Aron Baynes has as a Spur, and what he thinks to be most likely to happen:

It seems like the more I watch Aron Baynes play the more my opinion about him oscillates between sort of seeing something there and being puzzled by the Spurs' decision to sign him. Sometimes I'm certain he is the next Rasho (and I mean that as a compliment) and sometimes I can't help but see him wearing a Toros jersey for most of next season before maybe grabbing a bench spot for a different team after the Spurs let him go. Neither scenario would shock me.

Finally, Aaron Stampler of PtR took the time to break down the entire offseason. Not only can you read some great analysis here, but Aaron Stampler is sure to give you some laughs:

Top Ten Silly Spurs Fans' Manu Ginobili Complaints

10. Manu shouldn't have been re-signed because he's too injury prone/can't play enough minutes.

9. Manu shouldn't have been re-signed because Pop trusts him too much and plays him too many minutes.

8. Manu isn't committed to the Spurs, he plays too much international basketball.

7. Manu BETTER spend the off-season working on his game so he doesn't suck next year.

6. Manu hijacked the Spurs for more money because he knows he's a fan favorite.

5. I hate Manu and he needs to die in a fire for his play in the Finals.

4. Manu needs to go away because he makes me question my sexuality. (Okay, you got me, I started this one.)

3. Manu needs to realize he plays in 'Merica and tweet/interview/write only in 'Merican.

2. Has anyone else noticed Manu's balding?


For the record, I have noticed Manu's balding.

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