I Am Spoiled. Thank You PtR

I am a relative newcomer as I only discovered PtR some time last year and was a voyeristic lurker for quite a while. I have only been posting for about 2/3 of this season or so. I have never posted on or participated in any sports website before and therefore had no expectation of quality to judge against. I'm not an expert in basketball, and most of the stats blow right over my head, but I love the Spurs.

As a lurker, I loved being a fly on the wall of PtR's breakneck conversations on game threads. I have laughed out loud often and marvelled at how witty and intelligent you all sounded. It took me a bit of time to realize that the majority of Pounders have never met and indeed live in entirely different parts of the world. It always sounded like you guys were hanging out together in SA and sitting around the same tv in the same room. I was a little intimidated to join at first because it seemed like such a connected group. But I noticed that there was no ugliness thrown at newbies, just polite reminders of the site rules. So in I jumped, and I feel like I'm in that same room, watching the game with friends.

Over the course of the season, I have popped over to the opposing teams' fansites to see their opinions about the games being played, particularly during the playoffs. I enjoyed the Warriors site, the Grizz were pretty good, I am shocked at the Heat site. There is almost nothing on the actual series. Maybe two articles on game one and the preview, then something about a bridal shower and some charity with shoes (from what I could tell). It seemed more like the entertainment section of a small town newspaper. The amount of content and the level of quality in that content on PtR made me expect the same from other sites. It was not.

Now I'm not trying to belittle the Heat fans, maybe their site is newer than PtR and is building their base. If that sort of information is what they want, so be it. It's their site. I had just come to expect more. PtR is far and away the most well rounded site I have seen.

So I wanted to say "Thank You" to Pounding the Rock and all who participate here. You have made this season so very entertaining for me. I love being able to watch the games with people who will notice that Timmy gave the look, or that Patty just performed the helicopter wave. Listening to you guys has increased my BBIQ dramatically. I can appreciate the ball movement of the Spurs and recognize when things are going smoothly and when Pop's about to call a much needed time out. Sometimes.

I have broadened my vocabulary to include such gems as GOATPUFF, PATFO, TWSS, and oh so much more.

I have learned to crave the next installment of SPURS WARS and the awesome photoshopping abilities on exhibit here.

When something good happens in my regular life, I think to myself "Jumbaco!"

I truly appreciate that even less than friendly visitors with troll like tendancies are treated with courtesy, and a high level of personal responsibility to each other is expected. Too many sports sites seem to believe that ugly vitriol towards the opposing team's fans and players is the way to go. I have never felt the desire to join in on that sort of thing. So as this season creeps to its inevitable end, I say again "Thank You"!

PtR is amazine!

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