So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Ronald Martinez

I'll just come out and say it - I'm leaving. It's not you. It's me. Maybe. Yes? No. Something? Richard Jefferson? Boy, this is... Ah, this is all too complicated. Keep reading...

I joined the Pounding the Rock community back in March of 2009 after being introduced to the somewhat unknown site by close friends. In late 2010, after numerous nonsensical contributions in the FanPosts and FanShots sections, I was asked to help out with game recaps and other small posts. A few months later, I found myself standing in front of Gregg Popovich, holding a tape recorder. Experience? Nah. Degree in journalism? Nah. I once made a Manu Ginobili/Vitruvian Man wallpaper. No worries. I'm qualified.

I never thought that I would find myself this involved, or involved at all, in the sports blogosphere. When I graduated from college, my writing skills were border-line atrocious and my social/speaking talents were, at best, creepy. Respectively, I now consider my skills to be adequate and slightly awkward (Hey - improvement is improvement). I've stated before in a Morning Rehash that I don't possess any powerful communication skills but I've still managed a fairly positive appraisal from both you fine people and the outlanders.

In the last few months, I've found myself on local news websites and AM sports talk shows. For this, I give thanks to both the Pounding the Rock community and J.R. Wilco for the opportunity. I've left the site before for a short time but that was primarily due to an incredibly hectic schedule. Outside of a full time job, I also had responsibilities at a martial arts school to maintain. Not to mention a marriage (might be important) and my first house. I'm happy to report that I haven't set the place on fire.

It took some time but I finally began to network with other people in sports media. Well, in truth, they began to mingle with me. I'm not too good at being socially "outgoing." Some say that I still need to work on being "friendly." I don't believe in talk such as this. I am nice man, with happy feelings.

Any who... I've made this post far too long.

I'll be helping out through the Finals in small ways but my major contributions will now be over at Projects Spurs - through podcasts, video, and articles. So I decided to end my time as a contributor here at PtR the same way that I started - with a FanPost. I'll still be around as a community member to make mindless comments and to help "green" the excellent images.

Thank you again, Pounders.

Go, Spurs, Go.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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