Feeling Proud

Win or lose this series, I am damn proud of our fellas for returning here after a six year hiatus. The rallying of this team, and its path to return to the finals for a fifth time, is a testament to not only the greatness of one of the best franchises in sports, but also to the character of this squad. I hate to admit I am guilty, as many of us are, of taking the sustained success of this team for granted. We have been incredibly spoiled by the experience of being apart of a journey that has resulted in such triumph. What our guys have been able to accomplish since the late 90s marks a success in sports very few teams in all of sports have been able to replicate. I do not intend for this to serve as a cautionary measure to prevent each other from getting our hopes up. No, make no mistake about it, the Spurs have a bona fide shot at attaining the title that has eluded them for six long years, and we have every right to be in high spirits. However, we shouldn't make the mistake of deriving our high spirits on the present opportunity alone. The Spurs have made a presence in the league that is no longer determined by what happens to them next, a presence that Spurs fans will be able to take pride in for years to come. It is for the careful and fruitful draft selections; the steadfast attention to detail; the commitment to an unselfish frame of mind; and the refusal to fade out of the picture as the obituaries piled on, that the Spurs have earned the respect of this league. Bringing back a fifth trophy to the Alamo City would perhaps be one the most glorious events any of us would hope to experience in life, but the recognition of our greatness will not be dictated by the difference between four and five. Although the future of this team remains in the shadows of the future, Spurs fans will be able take pride in a shining history no matter the outcome.

All of that being said, I really (no exaggeration there) would like to see a fifth banner unveiled in the rafters of the AT&T Center. Beyond the satisfaction it would bring from seeing David bringing down Goliath, it would be so gratifying to see one of the best duos in sports history to succeed one more time.



Experience vs Talent

Wisdom vs Youth

Team vs Ego

Four vs Five

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