Players Spurs Should Target This Offseason


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I think everybody would agree that a team that came within 5 seconds to win a NBA title doesn't need a major overhaul, but i also think the PATFO needs to make some few changes going into the next season.

The West is definitely getting better mext season, Russ & Gallinari wouldn't be injured again, Clip will have Doc, Golden State youth would be a year older and wiser, Houston could get Dwight and make a push & Memphis will be Memphis.

I know that doesn't mean Spurs would regress, Kawhi & Green would be more confident after their Finals performance, Cory looks to step it up and De Colo could surprise us all.

Still, the Spurs could really use some athleticism and somebody that could take Manu duty to create offense, Nando fits in but he's turnover prone.

Spurs haven't really found anything in the draft, I seriously think they drafted LJC to save some cap and Thomas just to get his phone number and send him to D-League.

So that brings us to Free Agency, The Spurs will have around $12 million in cap space if :

  • Manu decides to sign around $5 million for this season, anything less would be just generous of him.
  • DeJuan Blair is not signed.
  • Splitter & Neal is lost in free agency, both are 28 years old and reached their peak already so it wouldn't be that bad if the Spurs let them go.
  • Another scenario if Spurs buyout Bonner, they would save $3 million in cap space more, so that brings the total around $15 million.

That leaves the Spurs with 12 players (including Thomas & excluding LJC).

Now coming to the important part, which players Spurs could aim with that kind of money :


I think at this point Rockets have made it clear that they are shopping T-Rob to clear space for this guy he dunked on, rumors surfaced first that Cavs & Spurs are leading choices, then there were reports that Spurs can't take Robinson contract without sending a contract back (Matt Boner looked obvious), then there were reports Cleveland were offering 19th for Rob & Bulls 20th, Cleveland cooled off after the draft & Chicago were in hunt for him but eventually they were also thinking of trading him to another team due to salary cap issues.

Eventually the Rockets decided to keep him unless they were sure D-12 was coming to Houston, that is after July 10, Spurs might have salary cap then to absorb T-Rob contract but what can they offer back is unsure, future draft picks, international rights ? maybe.

T-Rob would be great for the Spurs, he's a great athlete, the only reason he under-performed was he was drafted by the Kings and traded mid-season. He could develop into solid starter under Timmy. He is also only owned $3.5 millions this season.

After all he was a Top 5 talent in a loaded draft, do not sleep on him.


Mike has been the most unlucky guy, he was traded by the Warriors just before there "We Belive" run, he left Pacers before their rise and then at Bucks, where he only started 6 games in two years but averaged 11.4 ppg,. In his 12 year career he has only played in 9 playoffs game.

Although he is 32 years old, he could provide solid backup minutes to Leonard, he would also be really cheap (around $2-3 million) and would fit in perfectly. Good 3 point shooter (38 percent career, 43 percent last season) and a pretty decent defender


Tyreke Evans would be a great pick for the Spurs, although he would nearly take all of the Spurs cap, i think he's worth it. He's just 23 and could be part of Spurs future. He averaged 15.5-4.4-3.5 last season.

Although the's a RFA and the Kings might not let him go that easily, the Spurs should definitely extend him a offer.

Remember when he averaged 20-5-5 in his rookie season (the third player ever to do son after Oscar Robertson & LBJ), i think a change of scenery (especially a Spurs scenery) would really help him get back on that level.


Although he expecting a big paycheck at 29, he might agree take a little less (around $12 million $55-60 millions for 4 years) to play for a real championship caliber team, he would definitely be a good fit for the team, he can create offense and could partner up with Kawhi to make a deadly defensive duo, but i seriously doubt him leaving the Nuggets.

A Lawson-AI-Gallinari-Chandler-McGee starting 5 looks too good to leave.


Although he might be too expensive for the Spurs, he would be a great fit for them, a athletic 4 to go with Duncan & Leonard in the front court would be fun to watch. Spurs never had anything like Smith before and his inclusion could certainly make us contenders , I think we should definitely make a go at Smith, even if it needs waiving Bonner non-guaranteed contract.


Reports are Sixers doesn't want him right now, either he's going to Houston (if they don't get Howard), Dallas or back to Lakers. Phoenix (with training staff), Atlanta also looks far fetch options too but anything could happen right!

I think all of these players could turn out to be good pickups for the Spurs, there are also other names to ponder on : Redick (29), Brewer (27), Oden (back after re), Milsap (undersized). Pau Gasol if his amnestied by the Lakers could be a real possibility/

Still I think R.C & Co. are better than all of us and everything they do this summer would be in the best interest of the team.

This was my first post here, i hope i did alright.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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