Greg Popovich Fixed the NBA Finals

You are entitled to believe what you want to believe... But you're also entitled to the truth... And the truth is below:

The "Mistakes" that the "Top 5 coach in NBA history" Made in 2 BACK TO BACK GAMES that cost his team an NBA championship.... (the fix is real):

-Taking out Tim Duncan on the Final 2 possessions in Game 6 of the 4th quarter... Even when he saw the *first time*, his "plan" didn't work - 2 mistakes

-Playing Manu Ginobli all of Game 6, even when he finished the game with 8 turnovers (career high.. think about hat for a second...) and the team only had 5... (This is a "mistake" from the same man who emphasized "turnovers" twice when asked what's his team's problem on offense and defense from Doris Burke.. the Video: .... *Did he SUDDENLY forget his own turnover philosophy? #think)

I'll count each turnover (AFTER his first 4) as a "mistake"... Because Manu should have been pulled from the game LONG AGO.. and EACH turnover made it more and more egregious - # of mistakes - 4

-Up 4, with 28 seconds left.... The heat have NO CHOICE but to foul... Any coach, even a coach of the Peewee league, would have only his BEST FREETHROW shooters in, since Miami has NO CHOICE but to foul... This is basketball 101... He Had lenard in, a 63% FT shooter for the playoffs, and left Neal (100% for the playoffs) on the bench... Lenard misses 1 free throw that would have iced the game - 1 mistake

-Tony Parker, the Spurs 1st or 2nd best player, had a total of 2 turnovers in games 6 and 7 combined.
---Manu Ginobli, a player who has struggled all playoffs, had a total of 12 turnovers in games 6 and 7 combined.

Did you know, Parker was on the bench for the end of Game's 6 AND 7... While Ginobli was in the game, and turned the ball over on the final CRITICAL possession in BOTH games? - # of mistakes: 2

-The Spurs had a 10 point lead in game 6 to start the 4th, and Pop left Duncan and Parker on the bench... IN A CLOSE OUT GAME (you have a WHOLE summer to rest)... The heat took their lead from 10 to 1.. Parker didn't enter the game until 7minutes left - # of mistakes - 2

-In Game 7, Pop never made any defensive adjustments on Wade / Lebron. He gave them wide open shot, after wide open shot... A commentator even said he waved lenard to back up, when he pressed up on Lebron... This is AFTER Lebron has already hit about 10 wide open shots... So, now Pop doesn't know how to make "adjustments" eh?... Interesting... - # of mistakes - 4 .. (I'll say giving each player 4 more wide open shots / not double teaming after they've already hit a bunch, counts as 2 mistakes... 2 mistakes per player (wade / lebron) = 4 mistakes

-In Game 7, Pop only played Boris Diaw 13 minutes... The guy who many have been praising for his Defense on Lebron all series - 1 mistake

-In game 6, with 1.9 seconds left when the Spurs NEEDED A 3 to tie in overtime... Pop had Duncan and Splitter in the game... When have you ever seen this in NBA history? He made it so the other team *literally* only needed to guard 3 players, instead of 5... For anyone who will say "Splitter can set a pick" ... So can Bonner... So can Tmac... So can Diaw.... And they can all ALSO hit 3's, Duncan and Splitter CANNOT... - 1 mistake

The Smoking Gun: Danny Green struggled BAD in Game 6.... And struggled even WORSE in Game 7... He had HORRIBLE defense, intangibles, no assists, looked timid and scared, turning the ball over, and started 0 - 8 ... It was obvious Pop should have pulled him before even the first half ended, but he refused... Green CONTINUED to kill the team, as Pop looked on: # of mistakes - 2 (1 mistake per 5 minutes of play he left Green in after he should've been pulled... I'm being EXTREMELY nice here)...

But, the REAL smoking gun comes in when... When Green FINALLY hit his FIRST SHOT, he looked to gain a little swagger and confidence as he started to trash talk to himself... (Anyone knows if someone hits their FIRST SHOT, this gives them confidence and they could catch fire)...

What does Pop do after Green hits his FIRST SHOT? He then YANKS HIM IMMEDIATELY.....

Run this through your brain again: 0 - 8, HORRIBLE START on offense / defense, no benching through 3 quarters....

Hit your first shot, benched IMMEDIATELY... Go to the 13:07 mark at the below video to see how odd it was (even the announcers questioned it) - 1 "mistake" (I use this term VERY loosely here)

There are many more blunders... But these are the blatant ones...

Total # of "Mistakes" - 20 ...

:::More Proof:::

-Pop celebrated with the Heat after the game... He literally looked like the WINNING coach... Didn't look broken up ONE BIT...

-Pop did an interview after the game, where his eyes looked deceitful and EXTREMELY suspicious... He looked like a liar and looked guilty... Couldn't even look the reporter in the eye.... Here are the videos below:


Spurs fans... I thought you deserved to know this....

I don't know the motive... I don't know the reasoning.... I don't know if he is getting black mailed or threatened by the Mob... I don't know if he made $100 million betting on the heat.... I don't know if David Stern asked him to "return a favor" for those 4 titles....

But what I DO KNOW FOR A FACT.... Is that a top 5 coach in NBA HISTORY.... Will not make critical mistake, after critical mistake.... To cost his team an NBA finals... "mistakes" That someone working at your local Burger King would not make... in BACK TO BACK GAMES....

I'm willing to bet, Pop hasn't made this many HORRIBLE "mistakes" in his ENTIRE 17 year coaching tenure combined... Let alone all of them in back to back games...

He made 20 mistakes (that I listed).... If he even cuts back on ONE of these mistakes... (one out of 20...), there is a GREAT CHANCE the Spurs would be World Champions right now.... Do you sincerely believe he "just had a few bad games" ?

Spurs Fans, Greg Popovich fixed these NBA finals... And I just thought you deserved to know the truth.

Over and out

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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