Off-season moves for another title run

The Spurs owe Timmy another chance. This would mean the FO would need to get a "win now" player.

With Jackson's $10M coming off the books, we may have enough money to sign a player who can make an immediate impact.

Of course we have to prioritize our own free agents:
First, Tiago Splitter who may have played a not so spectacular finals series but was very effective during the Lakers, Warriors and Grizzlies series. He was also very good during the regular season. If the FO will let him go, the team may have problems facing the Lakers and Grizzlies next year. So, I personally think he should be re-signed maybe between 6 to 8 m per year for three years. I just hope another team won't overpay him like what the Rockets did to Asik.

Next is Manu Ginobili. Yes, I still love him despite having a very bad finals series. He was hurt most of the year. So I think he would be signed at a lower price (just like what Timmy did) maybe between 4 to 6 m per year for maybe two years (should be lower than Timmy's contract). This may mean another 8 to 10 m for the team to spend (from his 14 m salary this year). He knows he is not the same but he is a fighter. Coach Pop attests to this. Who knows, he may be going to Timmy's doctor this off season and come back healthier.

And Gary Neal (just in case). Some point out his defense. But we need someone who can score lights out when needed. I observed that when the team was defended well, there is a tendency for most Spurs players to be hesitant on the offensive end. But not Gary.

We should also keep Boris and Patty (just in case).

Boris is a very good compliment to Timmy. Other than his high BB IQ and good passing skill, he gave Lebron fits until game 7.

Patty is one hell of a bench guy, whether he is playing or not.

DeJuan Blair? I still like this guy. Imagine from being a starter, he was relegated to the far side of the bench. But he remained ready. So if the FO can still convince him to stay, I think that would be great. I also think he has very good chemistry with (turn-over prone but awesome passer) Nando De Colo.

As for free agents, I would love the team to have Andre Iguodala for three years. No explanations needed.

If the FO fails getting AI, maybe Al Farouq Aminu is a viable second option. Yes he is not as talented as AI. But he is cheaper, younger and showed potential whenever the Spurs battled the Hornets/Pelicans.

Another player I wish for the Spurs is Paul Millsap. If the spurs can't have AI, the FO should make a run at Paul. Again at a three year contract.

Trades? I honestly think we should keep the core of a team who took the champions seven games until the very end.


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