Odds and Ends

Todd Warshaw

Because we need some way to pass the time...

1. Which team is this? In a five-year period beginning in the 00s decade -

  • Won 69.3% of its regular season games, starting with their championship season, as well as 67% of its combined regular season+playoff games
  • The GM of this team was a guard for the same team in his playing days and won two championships as a player
  • This team made two Finals appearances. They won in their first Finals trip (defeating the LA Lakers) and lost in their second trip to the then-last Western Conference team to win the title
  • Rasheed Wallace played for this team
  • Their Finals MVP played his college ball in the Big 12 and, in the NBA, manned the position once held by a 1980's Hall-of-Famer from Indiana
  • This franchise made its first NBA Finals appearance in the 1950s
  • Their shooting guard played his college ball for Jim Calhoun at UConn
  • The championship coach was an All-Star in his playing days

2. Which season was this?

  • Miami and Dallas played for the NBA Championship
  • Miami won their division but finished the season with the East's #2 seed, behind a team from the Central division
  • Dallas didn't win their division - the Spurs did, winning over 60 games and the West's #1 seed
  • The NBA MVP was a point guard
  • Dallas defeated the defending champs in the second round
  • In that season, the eventual champion did not have home court advantage in the Finals, but won game six, and the title, on the road
  • In the following season, this champion got swept in the first round

3. Which teams drafted these players?

4. Which season was this?

  • The champion's record was 58-24
  • The team with the best record in the NBA had a German forward starting on its roster, but that team lost in the first round of the playoffs to the #8 seed. The coach of the upset victim was a Spur in his playing days
  • That #8 seed lost in round two to the Utah Jazz, who in turn lost in the Western Conference Finals to the eventual champions, 4 games to 1
  • This season's champion plays in Texas, defeated the New York Knicks to win its first championship, swept their opponents in their last championship, and won in seven games in their prior Finals appearance
  • This season's champion featured one of the best big men of all time, and this player began his career alongside an uncommonly athletic seven-footer who wore #50. This big man, who entered the NBA at 21 years old, would later team with Robert Horry for two championships
  • This championship team won its first championship 23 seasons after becoming an NBA city
  • Moses Malone, Vernon Maxwell, Chucky Brown, John Lucas, Mike Dunleavy, Carl Herrera, and Mario Elie once played for this franchise
  • Tom Nissalke once coached this franchise and led them to two playoff appearances

5. How many defunct franchises have won the NBA championship?

Ah, it's enough already. Thursday is coming.

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