Absolutely subjective opinion about the Conference Semifinals

Hello Pounders!!!

We are in the middle of the Conference Semifinals of the 2013 Playoffs so I want to put in words some of my thoughts about how this could end and which teams will be in their respective Conference Finals.

Let's start with the Eastern Conference:

1st Semifinal: Miami Heat (1) vs Chicago Bulls (5) - Right now: Bulls 1-0


I guess we all thought that it was a big surprise when the final score was CHI 93 MIA 86. Nate Robinson had a hell of a game and all that...

Bu do you really believe that if their starters keep playing 40+ minutes all the series, Chicago has enough energy to win 3 more games? I don't know about you, but it seems improbable to me.

My prediction: Bulls are gonna be too tired to win the series and Miami will advance: 4-2 Heat

2nd Semifinal: Ney York Knicks (2) vs Indiana Pacers (3) - Right now: Tied 1-1


This series is as close as you may think. They're both good teams, with very good players (Paul George, Hibbert, Hill, Carmelo, Chandler, etc, etc) and some good defense (at least sometimes). Any team, if they stay focused, can win at home or away.

My prediction: this one may go to a game 7, but Knicks will survive: 4-3 Knicks.

Note: I really like George Hill, and I love Pablo Prigioni (because he's from Argentina, but he's also a great PG) so I'm divided in this case. I hope the best team will win, and no because of the refs.

Now let's move onto the Western Conference:

1st Semifinal: Oklahoma City Thunder (1) vs Memphis Grizzlies (5) - Right now: Tied 1-1


I guess this is the easiest series to predict. Memphis has a GREAT frontcourt in Gasol and Randolph and a very good PG in Conley. OKC only has Kevin Durant and that should be enough to reach the Conference Finals... if they played in the East. But this is not the case and I think they'll miss Westbrook too much.

My prediction: It won't take more than 6 games to Memphis: 4-2 Memphis (and it could be 4-1).

2nd Semifinal: San Antonio Spurs (2) vs Golden State Warriors (6) - Right now: Spurs 1-0


I could write a lot about this series. Game 1 was for the books and I hope Spurs won't let that happen again. Let's win by 10 or 15 in regulation, shall we?

But I don't think it'll happen more than once in the whole series. They are going to make us work for each win, and that's the way it should be. However, I think we can get out of this series and advance to the next round, where Memphis will be waiting. And that'll be a great rematch.

My prediction: Stephen Curry is good, and I mean REALLY good. Good enough to make his team win two more games, but no more than that: Spurs 4-2 (maybe 4-1).

What do you think about this?

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