Dubs vs Spurs - My last night recap

Last night was a wild night, really wild. This is last night recap (Argentina Time):

7:00 PM: went to the university to attend the class. A very boring one.
9:00 PM: checking the clock, I want to leave. But we’re supposed to leave at 10:15, maybe 10:30 (that was the time when the game was scheduled to start.), so it isn’t a big deal if I arrive home a couple of minutes late for the game.
10:30 PM: we finally leave, time to go home. But I have to take the bus first.
10:45 PM: bus not coming.
11:00 PM: bus still not coming.
11:15 PM: the (insert your best insult here) bus arrives!!! Come on!!!! Move this crap and get me home!!!! I’ve been checking the score in my phone. Down by 4, not good. Stephen Curry starts to make me feel worried.
12:00 AM: I’ve arrived and eaten something (I was too hungry to think in nothing but food). Time to watch the game. Last seconds of the 1st half. We’re still down, but we can turn this game.
12:30 AM: The effing Stephen Curry… O… M… F… G… this guy, this DAMN guy… WHY DON’T YOU MISS A SHOT???? DAMN YOU CURRY!!!! MISS A DAMN SHOT!!!!!!! 22 points in the quarter… GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! This guy is good, really really good, and he’s KILLING us.



12:40 AM: We make it a bit closer, and finished the 3rd quarter down by 12. I decide not to watch the rest of the game, something I’m used to do in order to help the team. I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes it works and we need all the help we could use. (BTW, that’s the same reason you haven’t seen me in the Game Thread. Since the Playoffs began I haven’t participated there, and it looks like the mojo likes it that way, so I’m gonna do it as far as the mojo likes it).
1:00 AM: still not watching the game. I’m too damn nervous. I’ve checked the score a couple of times in or… we’ve been down by 16 and now we’re closer.
1:30 AM (or something like that): we’re tied!!! The mojo is working!!!! Now it’s overtime time (that sounds a bit weird, I know).

Note: Danny Green… Man, I love you. You played those last minutes the way we all hoped you would play like. That 3 at the end. That was beautiful ball and player movement.



I watched game Nets vs Bulls game 7 and Celtics vs Knicks game 6… Oh my… that’s horrible basketball. How can you possibly be a fan of THAT? Melo shooting 10-28… No ball movement, no player movement. It hurts my eyes watching that after watching the way the Spurs play.

1:40 AM: Do you know what is like reading the play-by-play of this game in It’s like seeing someone taking your heart of your chest and watching him playing with it all over the place.
1:50 AM: This shows up:

01:06 [SAS 126-121] Green 3pt Shot: Made (22 PTS) Assist: Leonard (2 AST)
01:00 Diaw Foul: Shooting Block (4 PF) (2 FTA)
Curry Free Throw 1 of 2 (41 PTS) 01:00 [GSW 122-126]
Curry Free Throw 2 of 2 (42 PTS) 01:00 [GSW 123-126]
00:44.9 Ginobili 3pt Shot: Missed
Landry Rebound (Off:2 Def:4) 00:44.1
Curry Finger Roll Layup Shot: Made (44 PTS) 00:32.8 [GSW 125-126]
00:09.9 Parker Jump Shot: Missed
Barnes Rebound (Off:3 Def:9) 00:08.6
Bazemore Layup Shot: Made (2 PTS) Assist: Curry (11 AST) 00:03.9 [GSW 127-126]
00:03.9 Team Timeout : Regular

"Bazemore Layup Shot: Made (2 PTS)"… My reaction: WHO THE FUCK IS BAZEMORE?? or something like that…

I’m about to kill myself. I can’t take it anymore. I NEED to watch the game. So I go back to my illegal feed (yep, I’m poor, I don’t have any money to pay for League Pass) and watch the situation: Timeout Spurs, Pop talking and I’m planning to use my headphone’s wire to hang myself if we lose this game.

1:57 AM: Spurs inbound, Dubs foul. (many swearing). New inbound. Kawhi Leonard notices that Manu is WIDE OPEN. And I mean it. He’s-alone-in-a-football-field wide open. I know he’s missed many 3s tonight, but HE’S THE EFFING MANU GINOBILI!!!!! You can’t leave him that open and hope that everything is going to be OK for you.
So Manu with the ball, shoots, someone fails at trying to block the shot and I feel like the ball was about to reach the ceiling. How many years the ball stood up there, I don’t know. But when the damn ball touched the basket and reached the bottom of the net… ÑJASHFLKJASFHLKJASFHKQWUIOQUFBASLJFKHASLKJFSIATIUWRQPWONZXM;CXZBKIUQWORGFLASF=/#"=PP)(/%)IL!K"JBNLNSJFLKGASLFBASLFJ HE DID IT!!!!!!!! that was amazine!!!!



2.00 AM: 1.2 seconds left. I can feel my heart pounding my chest. If Richard Jefferson makes a 3 pointer I’ll fly to San Antonio for the next game and I’ll kill him. But the ball goes to Jack, he can’t make a good shot and we WIN THE DAMN GAME 1!!!!!!!!

Man, I’m exhausted. I need to sleep right now.

Now I can say that:
- Manu saved his night with that last shot. He went 5-20 last night, but 11 assists is a good number.
- I love Danny Green for what he did last night.
- We can and NEED to defend much better than last night if we aim to win the title this year.
- But the good thing is that we know the Spurs can play better in the defensive end.

See you around guys!!!!!

P.S: anybody else felt that last night game felt a bit like this one?

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