Recap of the last 4 minutes!

So 104-88, 4:09 remaining...Duncan had just left the game, Manu had missed two shots, Neal had missed an open 3 pointer...I sure as hell wasn't gonna put my money on the Spurs winning or even bringing it closer than 5...then this happened...I had to go back and watch the game, cause honestly 2 hours later the game was a blur.

4:03: Curry gets in the lane, and drops it off for D. Green who pulls a blair and misses a reverse layup

3:58: Parker draws Klay's 6th foul. Was this a foul? I've seen players get this call, but it wasn't. If one of the Spurs had picked up this as their 6th foul I would have been pissed. RJ ENTERS (yay!).

Parker hits two FTS.

SCORE: 104-90

(side note, I saw the warriors game thread and they talked about the refs for about 50% of the thread (mostly in the second half, I really didn't think it was that bad). There were a couple questionable calls in the last 4 minutes, but I know 2 for sure in 2/OT that helped the Warriors. I know the Warrior fans believe Tony Brothers = Joey Crawford)

3:42: Jack puts up a contested mid range jumper against Parker in iso with 10 seconds to go. I feel like Jack always hits shit shot against us, but obv he misses here.

3:33: Parker drives past Barnes on the PnR (Barnes was on Diaw) for the layup.

SCORE: 104-92

3:14: Curry drives in, kicks it and Barnes is wide open for a 3. BUT, Curry was called for an offensive foul as he was passing the ball. This was a bit of a ticky tack foul and partly due to Neal's flopping. Have to say this was a pretty lucky call as Barnes made the 3 (right after the whistle was blown)

3:07: Parker drives after taking D. Green (lol i just realized me adding D doesn't differentiate between Danny and Draymond oh well, its late) off the PnR (Green was on Manu).

SCORE : 104-94

2:42: Jack pass to Curry, who came off one ILLEGAL screen by Barnes. Its actually quite comical to see how much Barnes was leaning when he set the screen...but Curry mishandles the pass and Parker leads the fastbreak and dumps it to kawhi who actually makes a TOUGH finish (Might have been fouled by Green).

Score: 104-96

(side note: really embarrassed to see how many open seats there were in the AT&T center at this point when the camera showed the place...I would say some sections were barely 50% filled.)

2:18: Jack takes Diaw in isolation and comes in between 3 players. There was some contact, but if a foul was called it would have been a bail out call as Jack ran into a pretty stationary Manu...Jack really had no chance. Diaw played GOOD D.

1:57: This is when I thought the game was lost. Tony has barnes on him, kinda drives and then dumps it off to Manu, except Green read it the whole way and STEALS it and gives it to our boi (jk) RJ. PROPS to Neal for chasing him down and making him shoot 2 FTs which he MISSED BOTH (thank you RJ, we know you still love the Spurs).

1:41: After the 2 RJ misses, the Spurs offense breaks down, then Manu hits Kawhi, who drains the 3 from the top of the key which was contested decently by Jack.

Score: 104-99

1:18: Diaw gets switched onto Curry and BLOCKS Curry's 3. There was some contact after Diaw blocked the shot, but I believe that is allowed AFTER a player blocks the shot. Curry didn't seem to refute the non-call. Parker splits about 3 defenders for a layup.

Score: 104-101

59.8: Landry is isolated on Diaw, and I think most people knew he was going to try the midrange jumper, which he did. The Spurs have trouble rebounding the ball as our Green is trying to box out their Green and Landry is called for the offensive foul. I believe it WAS A FOUL as Landry elbows Diaw in the head. Diaw however, should have actually boxed out instead of just standing there. This was a call that easily could not have been made and probably ended our comeback.

Diaw makes 2 FTs

SCORE: 104-103

47.4: Curry misses a contest long jumper on the baseline over Kawhi. MANU lets Landry get the offensive rebound. MANU HAD TO find a man and box him out. He should have known since Diaw was helping on an iso that there was going to be one man unaccounted for on Manu's side. Instead he just looked aroudn for his man and let Landry slip right in front of him.

29.0: Jack hits a TOUGH 8 foot jumper over Tony. Really nothing Tony could have done.

SCORE: 106-103

20.8: DANNY GREEN HITS THE 3 to tie the ball game up. Him and Kawhi set screens for each other and Jack/Curry miscommunicated and Green was wide open. This was about as clean swish as you'll see.


0.0: Curry misses a turnaround shot. Good D by Diaw, but Curry shoudl have been smart and taken a TO (if they had one) or hit one of his 2 teammates that were open.

WELL that was the last 4 minutes. Hope people that didn't watch the game found it helpful.

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