Why The Spurs Will Beat The Warriors

Stephen Curry is on fire, Andrew Bogut has been great in the Nuggets series, Draymond Green has come on and stepped up, Jarrett Jack is a Spurs-killer, the Dubs lost David Lee to an injury and still they were able to eliminate the supposedly "scary" Nuggets team. Now, they "will" eliminate the Spurs. Ha!

First of all, let me stress this fact: The San Antonio Spurs is the better team.

I'm not really a big fan of "crunching numbers", rather, I'll just point out some obvious facts to support my opinion. So here we go.

Fact 1: The Spurs aren't the Nuggets. Regular fans tend to think the Nuggets are THAT good just because they play run-and-gun offense, have athletic players who can dunk and penetrate and they have swagger. Well, it is not as simple as that. The Nuggets don't play defense, well, they try but with pathetic results. The Warriors killed them because of their defensive miscues and their inability to defend PnR. It's entirely different with the Spurs, a team that can score on breaks, score on half-court sets and can DEFEND.

Fact 2: Duncan is better than Bogut.

There is nothing to explain here really. Also, Leonard is better than Barnes. Stephen Curry might be on fire but Parker is, honestly, better.

Fact 3: We got stoppers/containers. CoJo, Tony and Green can give Stephen Curry fits. Green can also be put on Thompson. And oh, we got Kawhi "Scissorhands" Leonard while Duncan will anchor the defense around the basket, as if the Warriors have any post scorers now that Lee is out. So basically we have guys who can match up defensively with their offensive weapons.

Fact 4: Experience. Momentum can only take you so far. The Warriors may have caught the Nuggets by surprise but the Spurs is entirely another animal. They are disciplined and definitely know what they doing. Why? Because they haven't missed playoff since Duncan was drafted in 1997. The Spurs will discombobulate their opponent by PnR's after PnR's and series of misdirections. I don't think this Warriors team is equipped defensively to handle that.

Fact 5: Gregg Popovich. Need I say more?

I can continue typing lots of obvious facts that regular ball fans likes to ignore just because a guy can shoot the ball at a ridiculous level and his team defeated a team that has not really proven anything in the post season yet, but I think I'll just waste my time. A real basketball fan knows it already.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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