It seems we're candidates.. and some other thoughts.

Random thought N°1: made an entry in their blogtable: "What chance for the spurs?"

And just like that, we're the main pick for winning the NBA Finals, no matter who we would face there. Come on!!! Weren't we supposed to be defeated by the Lakers a month ago? Weren't the Warriors too fast, too good, too young for us? If I remember well, we were up 2-0 vs the Grizzilies and they were in control of this series... they'd figured us out!!!!

And now we're about to meet Miami or Indiana in the Finals... AND WE ARE THE CANDIDATES??? What the hell is going on here? We are talking about the effing LEBRON JAMES out there!!!! Please say that he's inmortal, that he's gonna kill us...

I don't like this... Please media, hate us!!! It's way more funny that way. It's so nice to shut your mouths once, twice, a hundred times in a row.


Keep saying we're old, that Lebron James is a God, that we're going to be destroyed in June. That Wade in one leg in more than enough to keep us under 60 points per game.

I trully believe that they're trying to jinx us. It's not good when we have all the support from the media. Please ESPN, keep ignoring us, it's much better that way. Don't pick us Skip Bayless... PICK INDIANA, PICK THE HEAT!!! PICK THE DAMN BOBCATS!!!! Just DONT PICK US!!!

Say we're too old, please!!!!


Random thought N°2:

If the series between the Spurs and Grizzlies was physical, we should creat a new word for the series between Pacers and Heat. Man, they are hitting, elbowing, making illegal screens, hard-fouling everywhere and everyone. It would be a miracle if whoever comes out of that war, does in in one piece.


Random thought N°3:

I think that we should be candidates for the Finals. The only thing that could worry me a bit is the fact that, by the time the Finals begin it would be 10 days since the last time we played a game. I don't think that we would need to play a whole game in order to became the oiled offensive machine we should be to win it all. But a whole quarter could be the only thing that teams like Indiana or Miami would need to win a game.

We should pay attention to that. But, on the other hand, I've just checked our bench... And you know what? Pop's still there, so I think that he's already thought about that.

Random thought N°4:

I think Indiana would be "easier" to beat. Of course, both Miami and Indiana will be tough to beat, but they're both beatable.

All the same, I want to face Miami. I want them to be healthy, to be at their 100%, playing at full steam. Because that way, there won't be ANY excuse that we were the better team once we beat them.

Random thought N°5:

10 days it's too much. I want the finals to start RIGHT NOW!!!!

Bring it on Stern, we're waiting.


This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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