Quickcap: Spurs outexecute Grizzlies in OT again, take 3-0 lead

"Another one of these games, eh? Alright then." - Ronald Martinez

The Spurs began the game right where they left off in the 4th quarter of Game 2, with cold shooting and discombobulated offense. But after Pop benched the entire starting five (except for Gary Neal instead of Danny Green) they began the 2nd quarter together and outscored Memphis by 27 through the last 3 quarters and overtime.

The first quarter began as poorly as one could imagine. The calls, the bounces, the intensity, the momentum and everything else was dominated by the Memphis Grizzlies to start the game. It was so bad that Gregg Popovich pulled a move that I haven't seen since I played middle-school basketball. He took all five of his starters out at the same time. I'd bet a lot of money that Pop's five-in-five sub out was the first in NBA playoff history.

In the second quarter, the Spurs fought back. Shots began to fall and their defense settled down. Pop gave Duncan and Parker a chance at redemption and they rewarded their coach's decision. At half, the Spurs managed to cut the Grizzlies' lead to 4, 44-40.

The second half was a war. Both teams increased their physicality and the Joey Crawford led officiating crew mostly let them play. It felt as if the Spurs were on the cusp of breaking it open but Memphis never allowed it to happen. The Grizzlies played stingy defense and hit timely shots to keep the Spurs out of their comfort zone.

A game fought with this level of intensity isn't meant to end. This game was meant for overtime and the basketball gods rewarded us all. In the overtime, the Spurs finally played their efficient brand of basketball. Their offensive movement was impeccable and they made the vicious Memphis defense seem a step slow, and a second late. The Spurs Big 3 led the way. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili all played well in the extra session as the Spurs won it comfortably, 18-7.

This means the Spurs are just one game away from the finals.

GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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