Quickcap: Spurs shoot down Grizzlies - 105-83

Stephen Dunn

Tony Parker had a great game,but the main story was the defense's job on Randolph, and San Antonio's outside shooting.

Game one went as well as it possibly could have gone for the Spurs. Right off the bat, the Spurs got the lead after Gasol hit the first shot of the game and they never trailed again. Tony Parker was excellent for the Spurs and the shooters were scorching hot. San Antonio finished 14 from 27 from distance, and against a Memphis team that is not known for its scoring, that's just about insurmountable.

The Grizzlies have made great comebacks in the past, courtesy of their great defense, but there was nothing they could do against the Spurs in this one. Even after they got back in it with some uncharacteristic hot outside shooting in the third quarter, the Spurs found an answer right away. The end result reflects just how one sided the affair was. The Big Three watched the last few minutes of the game from the bench while seldom used players like DeJuan Blair and even Tracy McGrady ran out the clock.

But this is not a opponent any team wants to get overconfident against. The Grizzlies are a great team and in all likelihood every game from now on will be close. Fortunately, the Spurs displayed other strengths besides hot shooting and that really is a reason for optimism. The Spurs won the rebounding battle and defended Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol well. Let's hope this game is a sign of things to come and not an anomaly. Ever the optimist, I'm convinced it's the former.

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