Advantage, Spurs

I have been thinking a lot about the match up between the Spurs and Grizzlies that will be taking place this Sunday. And as far as I can see who has the Grizz played so far? In my opinion, no one. In the first round they played a gimmicky team who showed up with a crippled Blake Griffen that couldn't bang with the big boys and do the job of eliminating them. In round two they played a soaring Thunder team that had their wings clipped by the loss of Westbrook which forced KD to play hero ball and that can only win you a couple games at best in a series. Now they are playing our beloved Spurs and to be honest, this is the first complete team that they will be playing this post season. If you would have asked me how I felt about this series a couple a months ago when the Grizz had Rudy Gay and Leonard was still coming into his own I would have given the Grizz the advantage. But after watching Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard turn into some nasty junk yard dogs where all Pop has to say is "sic 'em" and the defense gets downright scary, I will have to say that this series looks differently than it did.

Looking to our last loss against the Grizzlies on April 1 a certain Mr. Duncan did not play, along with Kawhi and what was the end result? The Grizzlies won by 2, at home. This also was the first and only time the Grizzlies played without their superstar Rudy Gay. What does this say exactly? The media is blowing and hyping them up way more than they deserve. Sure, they have won 8 of their last nine game, but I seem to recall a team that won 8 of their first 8 games in the playoffs last year. The loss of Rudy Gay has affected and helped them in many ways. It helps by not forcing the ball through his hands and the ball moves more fluidly. It hurts because they don't have a player that can create his shot thus generating other open shots. How does this lead into our series?

The starters for the Grizzlies this postseason has been Conley, Allen, Prince, Zebo, and Marc Gasol. If we look at the match ups that Pop might use we are looking at Parker on Conley, Danny on Allen, Kawhi on Prince, Tiago on Zebo, and Timmy on Gasol. Looking at that I like our chances. Our back court has a solid advantage over the lack of skill Grizz and our front court is a push in my opinion. But what will make this series tip in the Spurs favor? You all know this answer by now, Greg Popovich, the man is the single greatest gameplan coach ever. We just got done with a team that plays a lot like the Grizzlies do, high emotion that bangs inside, the difference is, in my opinion that Bogut bangs harder than Zebo. But what happened against the Warriors? Fouls, Pop saw this super aggressive style inside and told his Spurs to ATTACK, and what happened? Bogut, Ezeli, and Landry get in foul trouble early and we see Biedrins in the game and have our opponent right where we want them. So yes, if the Spurs show up, this is our series. So sit back, relax, and pray I don't get killed if I get tickets in Memphis because I'm a loud mouth Spurs fan that can't wait to see the Fed Ex Forum shut their cocky mouths after we beat the Grizzlies.

Back court advantage: Spurs
Front court advantage: Push
Coaching: Spurs
Home court: Push
Advantage: Spurs


GO SPURS GO, see you in the Finals!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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