Playoffs QuickCap #3 - Spurs stomp Lakers, 120-89


Quick Cap

J. Gomez: The Spurs did exactly what they were supposed to do and won comfortably in LA to increase their lead on the series to 3-0. The Lakers are just too shorthanded to be a threat in the post season and you have to wonder if they would not have been better off missing the playoffs altogether. The Spurs keep getting in rhythm but unfortunately the worst thing that could happen at this point --an injury -- took place in the third quarter. Tiago Splitter had to be helped off the court after spraining his ankle.

As for the game itself, the Spurs made enough mistakes to allow the Lakers to hang around for a half after getting a substantial lead in the first quarter but the W was never in question. In the second half the Lakers just had no offense left and the Spurs rode a dominant Duncan (26 points in 16 shots and nine boards) to an easy win.

Tony Parker had another good game with 20 points and seven assists to counter surprisingly efficient performances from Darius Morris (24 points) and Andrew Goudelock (20 points) on the losing effort. Pau Gasol recorded a triple double and Dwight Howard had 25 and 11 but the Lakers simply didn't have the horses to keep up once the Spurs pulled away.

Game four will take place in the Staples Center on Sunday. The Spurs will likely be without Splitter, which should give the Lakers an even a bigger size advantage. We'll see if they want to exploit it or call it a season after so many setbacks.

The recap will be up soon

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1 JohnWilSal 309
2 day_late_friend 149
3 kenshinsama 145
4 Trey Felder 144
5 CapHill 142
6 Kondor 139
7 TDzilla! 137
8 sambunnell 133
9 anirontag 109
10 Dark Black 87
11 sleep research facility 85
12 play_splitter 85
13 hurts2bgood 84
14 DrumsInTheDeep 84
15 oldtimeyspurfan 70
16 Pnk.Dot 68
17 Chilai 62
18 RobertoDR 48
19 chajamamama 47
20 spursfan87 45
21 doubleteapot 42
22 KD1 40
23 TX2NC 39
24 Divine Beast 38
25 Marky G 37
26 uvgt2bkdnme 34
27 i luv this site 27
28 swimwithsharks 25
29 TD21 24
30 Ike Mana 23
31 In the 666 21
32 mrbrownstone1482 18
33 mission20 17
34 Duncan is a Beast! 16
35 Badpierre 16
36 theghostofjh 13
37 HoneyBad 13
38 Tim C. 11
39 del amitri 11
40 HtownSteelerFan 9
41 TrooperJoe73 8
42 manu is god 7
43 TomShoe 6
44 KawhiSoSerious 5
45 quincyscott 5
46 J. Gomez (Edg5) 5
47 Shikaumaru 4
48 Noah J 4
49 Josh Guyer (completely deck) 4
51 vimce_dg 3
52 eastbaysd 2
53 M3D1T8R 2
54 JonnyJam 1
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