The Silver Effing Lining

After two less in a row, Spurs fans might be tempted to ask a loyal friend to behead them using a nail cutter, but before we attempt such an adventurous undertaking, it is best that you first listen to the arguments of the bastion of objectivity that I am known to be.

Sure, we lost two close games in a row (the first, to an evil team that has the nerve to sit their best players in a marquee matchup). Sure, we were not able to execute like an elite team in the clutch—particularly on the defensive end. But all is not lost in Spurslandia. This black cloud is riddled with silver linings.


Silver effing lining. (Totally not my photograph) | via

For one, while San Antonio lost to two of the top tier teams, we can take solace in the fact that neither Memphis nor Miami has ever won a seventh game in the playoffs against the Spurs. Ever. Never ever. That has got to mean something.

Further, these past two games have shown rather encouraging signs—not least of which is the play of Manu Ginobili. In the past three games combined, Manu has missed only one field goal. One. That's like, less than two. Which is like, wow. And to top that, he has had 0 turnovers during the same stretch. Zero. Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch. Wala. Pretty encouraging, if you ask me.


"Yo Soy Back!" Or however you say it. | via

Also, if you look at the boxscore, you'll notice that in the Heat game, our defense was able to limit the scoring outbursts of Miami's big three. In fact, we limited their top trio to just 23 points--combined. That's more than 40 points less than their average. Our renewed focus on defense has borne fruit.

Moreover, look at the teams we've lost to: Miami and Memphis. Pfft. In the history of the NBA, no team starting with an M has ever won during a year ending in xx13. History is not on the side of these malevolent antagonists. On the other hand, come to think of it, no team headed by either LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, or both, has ever beaten the Spurs in a seven-game series. We do not need to worry about this lukewarm team.

Meanwhile, history is on our side. My resident stats guru tell me that this year is 2013. I know for a fact that that is an odd year. Yep, not even. Odd. You, Spurs fans, know what that means. That is also interesting, because the digits of the year--2, 0, 1, and 3--add up to 6. And six plus one is seven. Remember the last time the Spurs won a championship? Yes, '07. Coincidence? I think not.


I don't know why this is here. | via

So there you have it, Spurs fans. A numbers-backed argument for why we should not worry just yet. The next time a Heat or Grizzlies fan verbally abuses you for those losses, you can quote anything that I've said here. Use these words to your bragging advantage. But do not use them indiscriminately. With great power comes great responsibility.

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