Game Preview: Spurs attempt to cool off Heat in statement game



The last time these two teams met up in Miami this year, the Spurs made quite a powerful statement, one that cost them a quarter of a million dollars.

That was the heavy fine levied down on them from the commissioner after the Spurs's Coach Pop sent stars Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green on a Southwest flight home before the nationally televised game was even started.


Well at the time the Spurs planned to rest to prepare for a more important inner conference battle against the Memphis Grizzlies. In addition to that, the Spurs were forced to play their fourth game in five nights. Not to mention, the Spurs were also without Stephen Jackson and Kawhi Leonard due to injuries.

The ironic part of the whole thing was that the Spurs nearly won. The Heat needed a 3-pointer from Ray Allen with less than 24 seconds in the game to win 105-100 in Miami.



If the Spurs would have won...who knows if the fine would have occurred.

But the past is history, and the Spurs are ready to make a new statement with a full roster ready to take on the defending champions in the Alamo City where the Spurs have 30 wins and only four losses.

On March 31st, the San Antonio Spurs host the league's hottest team in the Miami Heat, who currently are on a 27 game winning streak, six shy of an NBA league all-time record.

There is a great chance this is a potential preview of the NBA finals this year given both teams are number one seeds in their conferences.



Just when you think the San Antonio Spurs are too old again, they break out with another superb year, shocking the league by sitting on top of the Western Conference yet again.

Should this really be a surprise?

The Spurs are the only team to win 50 games in a season in over fourteen consecutive years. Not to mention the 98-99 season which was shortened, however the Spurs still winning over 70% of their games.

However, this game is more than one of streaks.

It is big market versus small market. It is the overhyped and overanalyzed versus under the radar and underappreciated. It is the "new and up and coming" versus the "been there done that".

But more importantly, it is the best of the West versus the best of the East. A win against the Heat will not only hault the streak, but possibly give the Spurs enough confidence to get their fifth championship title, yet again making another big statement.

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