The Almighty Chip Engelland

Hello Pounders!

I'm here today to tell you about the one who's made us such a damn good FT shooting team. Remember those days when NBA fandom used to say "he shoots free throws like a Spurs"?

Those days weren't like watching TP, Timmeh or Bruce Bowen being foulded and think "They fouled him? Yeah, BIG DEAL!!!! He's gonna make it!!". No, it was more like "OMFG!!! Please don't foul him!!! HE SUCKS!!!!!" and we were praying to some kind of god, to Thor, to Superman, to Gandalf or some damn hobbit.

We were pretty bad, not Shaq-like bad, but bad.

Well, this year isn't like that anymore. We're good (And I mean GOOD) at the FT line. 80% good. It's good number, isn't it.

80. Just think about that kind of percentage.

Anyway, that's not the main reason for this fanshot.

I'd like to talk about the responsible of that magical transformation. The one who made us one of the best FT shooting teams in the NBA. I'm talking about Mr Chip Engelland.

"A native of Los Angeles, Engelland, who also served as a ball boy for coach John Wooden’s NCAA champions UCLA Bruins in 1975, began his basketball career at Pacific Palisades High School, leading Los Angeles in scoring as a senior in 1979. Subsequently, he lettered four season at Duke University, scoring more than 1,000 points for coach Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils and being named the team's captain in his senior year.

After graduating from Duke in 1983, Engelland went on to play professionally for nine years. First in the Philippines, where he spent two seasons and was a member of the San Miguel Beermen that captured the 1985 Jones Cup Championship, then back in North America, playing for the Topeka Sizzlers of the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) and the Calgary 88's of the World Basketball League (WBL).

In 1993, Engelland started his coaching career, introducing his basketball camps Chip Shots with the aim of helping players of all ages improve their shooting skills; two years later he founded the In-Net Corporation, strengthening his reputation as a clinician and advisor. He got his first job in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 1999–2000 season, serving as a shooting consultant for the Detroit Pistons. Three years later, he signed with the Denver Nuggets as the director of player development, holding the position for two season. Since the 2005–06 season Engelland has been serving as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs."

That's what Wikipedia says about him. But I'll tell what they (and you) don't know about him.

You think that Chip is just another shooting coach, who gave Kawhi a corner 3, who gave Tiago and Tim a pretty decent FT shooting form. But that just one part of the story.

His real work is way more important. Everytime you watch the news and there's some guy making something absolutely amazing, that's Chip behind the curtain.

Someone made a halfcourt shot and won $20,000? Chip did it.

Dallas won't make the Playoffs? Chip.

We stole Manu and TP at the draft? Chip. It doesn't matter if he wasn't working for us at that moment. HE DID IT!

Just remember this: everything you thought it was impossible in a basketball court, Chip can make it possible.

- Kobe passing the ball? He can make it happen.

- Lebron being humble? He can make it happen.

- KG being some nice guy on the court? He can make it happen.

- Pop smiling? Damn sure he'll make it happen!!!!!

- Bobcats going into the Playoffs? Easy cake.

Do you think about anything amazing that could've happened because of Chip? I would like to read your theories about this.

I hope you enjoyed this.

See you around!!!!

P.S: I was about to say he could make Dwight Howard shooting 80% FT. But that would be more like a miracle.

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