Random Chatter for Spurs fans

sometimes people do this in the off-season when they are bored out of their mind because the only thing on is baseball. That is, they post random Spurs questions just to generate some kind of chatter. Except now it's the middle of the season and we are rolling along quite well. But I want to do the same thing: Just want offer a set of questions that may get a different kind of Spurs chatter going. After all, in the middle of August hardly anyone's on here, so I may as well take advantage of this time of year. Here are the questions, some I've been dying to ask my brother Spurs fans, whom I am thousands of miles removed from and who may never see this post if I were to put it up in the middle of August:

  1. Can anyone out there envision DeMarcus Cousins thriving while in a Spurs uniform? Remember this is chatter talk. So just answer the question. Could he or couldn't he thrive in the Spurs' system? I mean the guy has had a rough start to his N.B.A. career and I can't blame him for ALL of that. Obviously he's underachieved but he's also been on one of the worst franchises in the league. I can't help but think that he would do better, both his stats and temperament, if he were in a winning environment surrounded by solid group of veteran leadership on his team. Don't ask me how the Spurs would acquire him. Stranger things have happened in FA and NBA trades. I just wanna know, do you think he could fit in the with Spurs' current core group of players either next year or 2 years from now?
  2. Who is the team you currently most enjoying watching in the NBA, besides the Spurs? And why do you enjoy watching them? I don't want get anyone in trouble here, so don't answer if you don't want to. I'll go ahead and say mine unashamedly : Right now it's the Rockets. High scoring, no characters on their team that I can't stand, nice mix of young players on the rise who play unselfishly, interesting home game announcers to listen to, HOF player as their coach, and I think I can say, no serious threat to the Spurs, at least for this year. So they are an entertaining team for me to watch occasionally, like the other night when they scorched the Warriors but didn't manage to get one 3 pointer in the last 2 1/2 minutes to break the 3-point record. Mark (No-fun) Jackson told his players to foul rather than risk going down in the record books. If I was a fan at that game I would have been upset by that to say the least. And if I were a player on the court I would have done anything possible to get that record. Forget sportsmanship. That goes 2nd place to what you owe to your fans. They want the record, then get them the record. So what if you hurt the other team's feelings. And so what if they in turn embarrass you a week later on their home floor. At least you have the record and your fans will remember that for a long time. You could hear them yelling, "One more three." I understand if it's a playoff game, then maybe you show more respect to your opponent out of fear for your own demise. But it's regular season, have some fun and break a record at home for your fans. I could tell some of the Houston players were trying but GS just made it too difficult to do.

  3. For those who daydream about watching the Spurs. What are some of the most random places you've been when you suddenly began to wish you could just get to S.A. and watch a good Spurs game? My latest Spurs daydream was out of nowhere. I was at the evening performance of a famous Italian orchestra. The auditorium was a bit warm for me and so I was getting sleepy. After the initial excitement of hearing a live orchestra, my mind suddenly shifted to boredom and then to wanting to see the Spurs incredible ball movement and crisp passes with the Orchestra playing in the background. Tiago and Nado came to mind. Of course the music is going on-and-on and on, and I just can't stop thinking about the sweet assists some of our guys make while hearing Beethoven's Symphony N.3 in E flat Major. And now it's not like this was the day after the Spurs beat Washington ( I missed that game on leaguepass). So it was completely random. [Bye the way I hope to get a Fan Post up on this. Because I did take a photo of the concert.]

4. Would anyone, who IS currently drinking the Aron Baynes Kool-Aide, NOT BE SURPRISED to see him start a game in this year's N.B.A. Finals, at least at home? I mean if Diaw was day-to-day from a foot injury he got while battling for a rebound with Serge Ibaka in game 7 of the WCF's and Pop wanted to bring Tiago off the bench against the Heat, don't tell me the tough Aussie, Baynes, wouldn't be able to out position, and out hustle Chris Bosh for some critical rebounds. He's 6-10 and much wider than Bosh. So for Baynes to go from the Euro-league to being the S.A. newcomer, to suddenly starting in Game 1 of the N.B.A.Finals all in one year, well that would be quite the story for the Disney owned networks always looking for an intriguing story to share on national TV instead of ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE GAME WHILE THE GAME IS ACTUALLY BEING PLAYED.......LIVE. You know what I mean? The reporter taped interview, followed by a few comments on court from the correspondent who did the interview, and that followed by the 2-3 minute chat by the guys calling the game (probably Van Gundy and the other guy) all while the 3rd or 4th quarter is underway. As if the game being played suddenly takes a secondary role to journalism. Give me a break! But yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if a guy like Baynes ends up meriting that kind of attention from the networks. I'll be happy for him but rolling my eyes towards the networks and journalists while trying to focus on the game. So anyway, my question is just whether you could see Baynes's role on the team increase that much between now and possibly June?

5. Finally, this is a non-Spurs question, but definitely basketball related.

What did you think of MWP/Ron Artest's most recent wrestling like hold and 1 game suspension by the league?

Is the guy a straight up bully? A ticking time bomb capable of going off when he's in the simultaneous environment of game intensity and physical contact with another player? Are you like me and think that this guy doesn't even belong in the N.B.A. but WWE instead? I was pleased with the suspension. But not surprised by the incident, this time coming against a much younger player. Even if the Lakers are one and done in the playoffs. Artest could potentially get tangled with someone and cause a suspension or major injury like he nearly did to James Harden last year after dishing out a vicious elbow. It's scary to think that he could really determine that much just by loosing his cool again. I really think the guy has proven that he's mentally unstable in the kind of environment where guys are paid to be professionals. So this incident just further cements my view. If I were the commissioner, I would negotiate a buyout package for him, and kick him out of the league. How many incidents must occur before you realize he's not worth the risk? If is were a player, I just wouldn't feel safe with this guy on the floor. Let's hope nothing major happens the rest of the year especially against us, in case we meet them in the first round.

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