Can we please trade Splitter?

I'm still depressed that the Spurs didn't let Splitter sign with the Trailblazers and use his $10 million a year salary to sign someone else. I'd have preferred a Iguodala or Millsap. But, that ship has sailed. Time to act now.

1st, is Splitter that valuable to the Spurs? I say no. Why? He played what... 6 minutes in the most critical game of the season, game 7 vs. the Heat? The Spurs beat the twin towers of Howard/Gasol without Splitter playing what... 33% of the time in that series?

2nd, when Nesterovic and Mohammed were free agents at the about the same age of 28 did the Spurs overpay? No, they let them go. Let's look at some playoff stats from Nesterovic, Mohammed, and Oberto. (I chose playoffs because that's against good teams)

Oberto and Mohammed were 50% more valuable in playoff win shares. All 3 were superior rebounders with fewer turnovers. Splitter is a better passer.

3rd, what options are out there? Of course Splitter can't be traded until Dec 15th, but the Spurs should try to beat the Rockets and their Asik offer, if GM's in the NBA believe that Splitter is better than Asik (NO, I don't want Asik on the Spurs). Maybe, Gortat and Ariza for Splitter and Bonner and De Colo. Why would Wizards do this? Center stability since Gortat is a free agent and playing time for Otto Porter.

Or Splitter and De Colo for Millsap and Ayon? Why would the Hawks do this? Ferry and Budenholzer want to thank the Spurs for jobs in the NBA and see Duncan win a championship, the way Jerry West helped the Lakers with Gasol and McHale helped the Celtics with Garnett?

Or Splitter for Bass and Faverini? Why would the Celtics to this? They think Splitter is good?

Or Pachulia and Illyasova for Splitter and Bonner? Why would the Bucks do this? No idea. Just wanted to add another option.

I see Splitter as an unimportant piece to the Spurs winning a championship. I wish they could do the Hawks trade and then position themselves for another championship, instead of hoping all the good west teams are injured to get to the NBA finals.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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