Quick Cap: dominant fourth quarter propels Spurs past Nuggets

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Spurs win!

Final - 11.5.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
San Antonio Spurs 24 19 29 30 102
Denver Nuggets 27 25 26 16 94

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On the final game of their mini road trip, the Spurs pulled out a close win against the Nuggets in Denver. It was an overall sloppy game, featuring 39 combined turnovers between the two teams. The Nuggets led for most of it after outplaying the Spurs in the second quarter. The deficit on the boards in particular was troubling and the Spurs' mediocre outside shooting only made the outcome look gloomier. But San Antonio rallied in the second half and attacked the paint to close the gap in the third quarter behind great performances by Parker and Leonard.

The trend continued in the fourth, with the Spurs getting closer as the defense clamped down. The bench tied it and the starters returned to secure a lead they wouldn't relinquish for the rest of the game. In the end it seemed the Spurs had one more gear, despite struggling from the field all game, while the Nuggets had a hard time reigniting their offense when it mattered.

Parker finished with a stellar 24 points on 13 shots for the Spurs while Leonard, Splitter and Duncan (who also finished with eight points, eight assists and four blocks) also finished in double digits. Boris Diaw had a great game as well, or at least a great second half. The Land Walrus scored seven points and pulled down eight boards after the break and the difference the Spurs' bigs made inside was hard for the Nuggets to counter, especially after Mozgov fouled out. Lawson had 20 points and eight assists in the losing effort.

The Spurs move to 3-1 with this win and will come home on Thursday Wednesday to battle the surprising Phoenix Suns, who have won three games already in a season in which everyone expected them to be terrible.

# Commenter # Comments
1 sambunnell 79
2 swgeek 58
3 bj1der 56
4 play_splitter 55
5 alamoaggie 54
6 sleep research facility 44
7 TD21 40
8 TrooperJoe73 35
9 Dark Black 33
10 Pnk.Dot 33
11 Kondor 28
12 Sh!fty 23
13 LatinD 23
14 JohnWilSal 21
15 bahamaspur 21
16 Chilai 18
17 syllabear 18
18 quack123 13
19 Badpierre 11
20 cartoonspurs 11
21 chajamamama 10
22 RobertoDR 8
23 i_am_texas 7
24 hkmc 6
25 The GIF Oracle 4
27 SpursFanTN 4
28 nish21 3
29 fatmamba 2
30 Naph 2
31 ishmael_ 2
32 Fred Silva 2
33 magnuskrauss 2
34 hurts2bgood 1
35 Pistol38 1

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