Wallowing in extreme self-pity following the Spurs loss to the Thunder, I was forced into a state of self-reflection. I considered abandoning the franchise I have loved since 2001 (Yes, Tony's arrival. Sue me.). I seriously deliberated whether I should quit being a Spurs fan. This catastrophic loss had shattered the psyche of the players, staff and management—Kawhi's lack of human emotion notwithstanding. As a mere fan, how was I supposed to be able to deal with this devastation? I was delirious, drunk, and wearing clothes that were not my own.



Aside from my fandom, I began questioning the basketball abilities of the players. Is Kawhi a bust of Jeffersonian proportions? Is our bench a bunch of terribly untalented misfits not unlike Danny O'Shea's team, except they didn't, couldn't win? Is Duncan our Shane Falco, sans the winning, good looks, and the ability to dodge bullets? Is Parker even NBA material anymore? Would Manu be picked in a Sunday league game? I didn't know anymore.

What I knew for sure was that there was no way the Spurs are getting to the playoffs this year—not as the team is currently constructed. There are just too many holes to fill, too many weaknesses to compensate for. This season is over. The only question was whether we should tank for a lottery pick, or trade Nando for a first-rounder. Also, should we fire Pop and hire the steady Vinny? Should the team be sold to either Dolan or Sterling? I know that is more than one question, so my first question was technically not the only question, but I did not have the strength to bother with trivial fads like Math and grammar.


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I was resigned to seeing the Spurs finish as the 10th seed—that is, if we're lucky and Bonner breaks out with an MVP season. But that was when it happened. It hit me like a ray of light shining on a bottomless pit. Jesus spoke to me. He gave me hope. He whispered in my ear, reassuring me that everything will be okay. He told me that I was not seeing the bigger picture. I was presenting myself with a false dilemma, when in fact, there were more options available, options that didn't have to include missing the playoffs or playing Matty 46 mpg.

Maybe, just maybe, maybe there is another way to see the Spurs play into late April. And it involves Tony Parker, Jason Thompson, and GMs with open minds. Jesus showed me the way: trade Parker for Thompson. And it makes perfect sense. The potential transaction will allow us to begin our rebuilding process while still being able to be proud first-round fodder to the first-seeded Jazz. It's a win-win situation. Win-win-win, if you consider both teams, plus Spurs fans. Win-win-win-win, if you consider both teams, Spurs fans, and Kings fans. Win-win-win-win-win, if you include Stern. It's just a magnificent situation for everyone in the world.


Proof of my conversation with Jesus.

Now, I just have to convince my fellow Spurs fans to help make it happen. Let's make #TradeTonyParkerForJasonThompsonSoThatWeCanMakeThePlayoffsAndRebuildAtTheSameTime trend on Twitter. Let's make our collective voice loud enough to reach the ears of the deaf Spurs management. Let's give them no other choice but to give in to our groundbreaking, history-making, trendsetting suggestion. Join me, as we make a difference. No more will I allow my favorite team to wade in the muddy pool of mediocrity as evidenced by last season and the start of this one. No more will we allow the Spurs to be the laughingstock of the league. Nevermore.


Quoth the raven, nevermore.


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