Pop and Jack: father and son?

Stacy Revere

Stephen Jackson may have had a moment of clarity on Sunday night as he wondered how he became who he is today.

So last night, Stephen Jackson was a pretty proud guy during his post-game interview last night.

Gregg Popovich was ejected in the fourth quarter of the Spurs' 106-88 win after two quick technical fouls. It was the second time in as many home games a member of the silver and black was tossed out of a game in the middle of the fourth quarter. Jackson, who was thrown out after receiving two T's in seven seconds against the Lakers on Wednesday, had an interesting revelation as he saw Pop heading to the tunnel to thunderous applause from the home crowd.

"You know the first thing that was on my mind when Pop was thrown out? Is that my dad?" Jack joked. "Am I Pop, Jr.?"

While the immediate reaction would be toward the contrary, maybe it does make a bit more sense than we think. Pop seems to be the only coach Jack gets along with, the two play pranks on the rest of the Spurs locker room unbeknownst to the other coaches and teammates, and they both have made names in the rap game.

So perhaps this isn't a joke at all. Perhaps this locker room really is ... like family. This got me thinking...

Some father - son memories between Pop and Jack include:

-- Jack's reluctance to listen to Pop's Patsy Cline albums

-- Pop's constant battles over Jack's wardrobe decisions before heading to school.

-- disappointment on Christmas when Jack received a novel on Stalin rather than the headphones he wanted

-- arguments over whether you can actually "make love" to mental or physical distress as it relates to urgent matters

-- building the sweetest, most efficient Pinewood Derby car ever

-- matching Fohawks at Father-Son picnics

-- complex motion offenses in youth basketball league

-- never fully trusting waitresses

-- when Twittering was invented

-- arguing over the legitimacy, integrity and professionalism of Instagram photos

But no matter what, they were always on the same page when it came to the important things. The two never failed to be about the same life.

(OK guys it's y'all's turn. Leave your Pop - Jack father - son activities in the comment thread.)

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