Why I'd have traded Tony Parker before the draft and other GM moves

The Spurs as currently constructed are flawed. Pop had faith in 5 players in the playoffs, Duncan/Ginobili/Jackson/Parker/Leonard. Clearly the Spurs suck at attracting free agents. So, most upgrades need to come via the draft and trades.

Most posters on this site believe that Parker is a top 5 pg. Even top 2. Well, if Deron Williams can net 2 1st rd picks, Derrick Favors(#3 overall pick), and Devin Harris, then Parker should net a starter and draft pick. I'd have traded him to the Trailblazers before the draft for the #6 and #11 and drafted Harrison Barnes and Royce White. That way the Spurs get 2 players for 1 and cap space of about $8 million.

Point guard is the easiest position to replace in the NBA. The last 3 champion point guards are ... Mario Chalmers, a 38 yr old Jason Kidd, and Derek Fisher. The Spurs would have had a choice of Dragic, Nash, Lin, or Miller. But, again the Spurs suck at attracting free agents, so we'd wind up with Jameer Nelson for $5 mil/yr.

I'd have signed Anthony Randolph for $4 mil/yr. See my previous post explaining how in rebounding and getting to the FT line, Randolph is better than Kevin Garnett at the same stage of their careers.

So, basically the team would be: starters; pg - jameer nelson($5 mil), sg - Kawhi Leonard($1.8), sf - Stephen Jackson($10), pf - Anthony Randolph($4), c - Tim Duncan($12), 2nd 5 - pg - Manu Ginobili($14), sg - Danny Green($3), sf - Harrison Barnes($2.5), pf - Royce White($1.7), c - Tiago Splitter($3.6), bench - Neal(.8), Bonner(3.6), Joseph(1.2)

Why Harrison Barnes? To replace Stephen Jackson should he leave after this year. Why Royce White? I see him as the kind of revolutionary positional player that Edg5 wrote insightfully about. I literally see him as a point power forward to bring the ball up the court. Screw a backup point guard. Let him run the pick and roll with Ginobili as the screener. A switch let's him at 6'8" 260 lbs with a 7'0" wingspan back down a point guard for a layup or draw double teams for easy 3 ptr's!!!

So, yes, I moved Ginobili to back up point guard. And yes, I made Leonard the starting 2 guard. The Spurs would be younger, longer, more athletic, and more importantly - versatile. Randolph/White aren't one-dimensional ala Bonner/Blair at the 4. I'd like to see this type of team compete for a championship without getting unathletic, out of shape, European only tested, or old past their prime bargain bin types.

All it took was trading Tony Parker before the draft.

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