Who should stay, Who should go, and Who the Spurs should get

I want to start off by saying these are all based purely on my opinion and the "eye test". I don't know the salaries and the actual way to get these players. Also sorry for ranting/ this is long in advance. So just pure biased speculation but here it goes.


Tim Duncan- unless he retires, he's a spur for life. He could keep playing until he's 40 and still be a very important contribution to a championship squad

Manu Ginobili- same for Ginobili. The thing i'm most fearful for is that his next injury will be a career ender. *knock on all the woods! but as long as this guy can still play he can still contribute.

Boris Diaw- showed many positives, works perfectly with the system, deserves another year.

Kawhi Leonard- His 1st year in the league and put up numbers similar to Kevin Durant's rookie year. (minus scoring but he did play 12 less minutes per game than durant.). This guy could be very special

Danny Green- versatile defender. I think he should get one more year to build up confidence and add a layer or two to his offensive game/confidence. If after next year and he still doesn't perform integrally in the playoffs it's time to part ways.

Tiago Splitter- I think splitter should get one more year. If Pop doesn't trust him and he keeps being "soft" I would say he's a good trading piece for next year.

*mini-rant. Many people on PtR say that most of our guys don't have good trade-value. But I think many underestimate the value of players and the influence of the front office. Many guys like Bonner, Splitter, Blair are nice commodities to have and could contribute positively to teams.

Patty Mills- I was really thinking he was going to be our 2012 version of 2003 steve kerr. I think he could be the backup of the future if given more time in the system. I think he gets a year to show he's clutch.

Stephen Jackson- amazing playoff performance. This guy makes love to pressure. Enough said. We need more guys who can step up in the playoffs. It doesn't matter if were 1st seed or 8th seed. Regular season wins don't matter its how guys step up in the playoffs.

Gary Neal- he has the grit and playoff ice-water in his veins to get another year. But long term i hope we get someone who is longer, taller, faster stronger, better defensively. I'm slightly concerned he's going to turn out to be a roger-mason jr. type player.

Get them out of here

James Anderson- He's fallen out of grace with Pop and is buried at the bench. I think he actually will be a very good player and probably will have 1 all-star year in him. It's unfortunate that he will probably average 20 points 1 year and spurs fans will say "We let him go too soon!". But not every player is going to work with us. Since were not blowing up the team for another couple of years, the Spurs don't have time to let this guy develop.

Dejuan Blair- Another player that will probably be great on a mediocre team. I could see this guy going for 20 and 10 if he was the focal point of the offense. He's just not a guy the strikes me as championship ready yet. Too immature and not focused on his work ethic. Great guy, probably will hurt us on another team. But we can't rely on him for consistent play. Just isn't a spur to me.

Matt Bonner- It pains me to say this but we need to get rid of him. He's one of my favorite players. His jersey is the only one I own. in pickup games whenever I shoot a 3 I say "Bonner!". If I make the 3 I say "in the Jelly!" for an entirely different reason haha. I don't care if he is a plus/minus God. I don't care if he spreads the floor for our offense. In the playoffs he does not show up. The spurs can't waste time with a guy like that. The spurs only have at most 4 or 5 years left with Ginobili and Duncan. That's just a fact we have to admit to ourselves as spurs fans. The big 3 aren't going to be here forever. I would love more than anything for Duncan to get his 5th ring. Bonner isn't going to help him do it. Bonner did win 1 title with Tim in '07 but he wasn't important in that one at all. Bonner has been a focal point of the 5 year-drought era.I love Matt Bonner, he's hilarious good guy. But he has to go.

Cory Joseph- I really don't know if he should stay or go. I have no idea if he will be a contributor anytime soon. But if he stays in the d-league I guess he isn't really helping/hurting us.

Bring them here

I'm all for have a European invasion! let's give some of those draft and stash guys a chance to see if they are playoff worthy. Sure we will win less games percentage wise. The spurs shouldn't be worried about seeding or regular season only the playoffs.

Nando DeColo- Wasn't it posted on this sight that he is coming over here next year?

Erzam Lorbeck- offensively talented. Maybe he will be a good tandem with splitter.

Adam Henga- looks very athletic

Ryan Richards- probably not

Davis Bertans- this is the guy that excites me the most. I've seen the videos and I think we should bring him over now instead of later. Let the guy develop with Kawhi Leonard to be our big whatever number of the future. I think in a best case scenario we would have a poor man's defensive-oriented Kevin Durant in Leonard and a poor man's Dirk Nowitzki in Bertans. I like that potential duo along with Parker in his last years of Prime.


Nicolas Batum- Idk who we would get rid of to bring him over, but he is another guy that should get some chance because he is proven and is long and athletic and a fellow wee-frenchman.

Roy Hibbert- I know getting him seems unlikely. It probably is. But i have read from a few places that he has shown interest in playing for the Spurs. That would be just the kind of length to go with Duncan to bring our defensive prowess back. Even though this offense is great, we've never won a title having great offense and mediocre defense and that is a fact.

Maybe we give up some guys to get a couple of first round picks, start the real rebuilding early. sacrificing some wins to still be in the playoffs and contribute towards the future.

My dream scenario

Here is my spurs team if I were GM and I new what the hell i was doing with contracts and such.

Starting Lineup

C- Roy Hibbert

Pf- Tim Duncan

Sf- Kawhi Leonard

SG- Danny Green

Pg- Tony Parker

(that is a badass defensive starting lineup) Tony Parker is the primary scorer, with everyone else chipping in equally.

Bench Squad

1st guy off of the bench

Pg- Patty Mills. Gives Parker early rest, keeps a scoring threat on the court while maintaining strong defense. I want a lot of burn for him early in the season to see if he can develop. Tight leash if he doesn't perform well and put in Gary Neal.

Sg- Manu Ginobili in a more reduced role than last year. put this man in bubble wrap inside a coffin in a nuclear safehouse with a note that says- do not open until late april.

Sf- Action Jackson

Pf- Davis Bertans- realistically wouldn't get a ton of burn. probably get the Tiago treatment. but i would want him and patty to see if they can score a bunch at will.

C- Boris Diaw- another early sub off of the bench for Duncan. Keeps Hibbert on the floor longer and adds some nice passing to help Ginobili as pseudo point guard.

Deep Bench

Gary neal- I really believe in Patty mills to be very similar to Gary Neal except a better point guard. I think Neal should be a guy who comes in to the 4th as the closer. Kind of like baseball. you need a big shot late. bring out Neal

Erzam Lorbeck and Nando Decolo- I really don't know how good these guys are so I would guess they wouldn't be big players in their 1st year with the spurs.

Well that's the end of my thoughts/rant. Hope you enjoyed!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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