The Spurs' Off-Season Moves

Now that we've reached the part of the season where our favorite team has gone fishing, it's also time to speculate on what magic PATFO will work this off-season.

The Draft

The Spurs only have one pick this year; the 59th, as they traded their first rounder (placing at 30th) to Golden State along with Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson. While I have no doubt the Spurs' organization will work more magic (remember, Manu Ginobili was picked at 57th, and the Spurs' previous late first-rounders are good role-players at worst, and All-NBA folk like Tony Parker at best) I think they can also consider trading up, like what they did last year (George Hill for the 15th pick that became Kawhi Leonard, which was a very good trade for both sides). Folks like DeJuan Blair could probably be traded for a first-rounder, though I'm not entirely sure who would be involved.

Free Agency

While the Spurs have never really relied on free agents, especially as they're a pretty small market, there is one important unrestricted free agent coming up: None other than Tim Duncan. While the chances that he signs elsewhere are definitely nil (he did say he wanted to stay a Spur his whole career), the terms of his new contract will dictate how much cap space the team has left to get a decent supporting cast. Boris Diaw is also a UFA by next season, and I think the Spurs will want to keep him, seeing as he's good all-around, though not exactly a guy who can take over a game or hit big shots. Danny Green is also an FA this incoming season, and given his slump against the Thunder his market value may have gone down, enough for the Spurs to re-sign him.


Again, as a small-market team whose secret to success is drafting sleepers and getting international players, the Spurs aren't the kind of team that would trade for mere talent; it's more about fitting within Pop's system than getting a bunch of marquee players whose talents either extremely overlap (think Miami Heat) or whose talents don't mesh well under a certain system (think the Knicks with Melo before D'Antoni left). Of course, PATFO has surprised us with that Stephen Jackson trade, so anything that they think will improve the franchise's (and by extension Timmy's) chase for the fifth ring may happen.

Thoughts, fellow Pounders?

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