The NBA Lottery

Hey everybody, I know the lottery is really the last things on spurs fans minds, but I was reading articles about conspiracy theories and complaints about the system so I devised my own.

Quick side note: the ping pong balls should be televised. That would stop many of the rumors that get speculated because of it.

Instead of having a weighted lottery or no lottery at all, every team that doesn't make the playoffs 1-14 has an equal chance of winning (7% chance roughly).

Why? to strongly discourage tanking. Why try to be the worst team or a really bad team when some team that just missed the playoffs could get the number 1 pick as well.It would encourage every team, every year to try and make the playoffs, because sucking simply wouldn't be rewarded.

Oh I would do this for the 1st 3 picks and then the rest in order. So if u did have the worst record you're still getting at worst a top 4 pick.

Problems people have had with this system. I've speculated with friends and what they wouldn't like is if a really good team just missed the playoffs and then got the number 1 pick and became a juggernaut.

for one, in theory that would only happen every 7 years or so, 2 obviously teams still have to be managed run propertly, 3 i would much rather have this than teams just perpetually bad because they don't know what the hell they are doing.

The wizards for instance, since 2001 they have had a top 11 pick 6 times, top 12-18 pick 6 times. several times multiple 1st round picks and they still suck really bad. they got john wall a few years ago and they have a top 3 pick this year. why keep rewarding their mediocrity? they aren't even learning how to win or how to be a good orginization. they're just getting tons of talent and no incentive to be competitve. (yes there is some but there is also tons of hype and excitement from new players).

many bad teams remind me of the timberwolves, they keep drafting and drafting until the stumble upon a winning combination.most teams aren't like the thunder or the spurs. and certainly can't buy players like the knicks and lakers.

So I would say that making picks 1-14 have equal footing woudl create more parity in teh league. and it would provide even more incentive to be good instead of bad. tanking would be pretty much irrelevant unless there was 4 franchise player draft (extremely rare).

Anyways, thats my lottery thoughts. what do you guys think?

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