Tuesday Refball Loser Thread.

Game 4 of NBA Finals has the Heat with a 2-1 lead playing at home. Will the refs help the Thunder and even out the series or will they hand Miami a 3-1 lead and almost surely the title? We'll have to see, this is why the games are played reffed!
Join me after the jump and dive headlong into this loser thread, hey you might even get a blocking call. No you won't, you're a nobody.

There will be reffing...

I have to say that so far I'm loving this series. Not that I have watched much of the games, but some of the calls at the end have been just great. I can almost see it in Durant's eye, in Harden's demeanor. The slow realization that those easy calls you were getting before are never coming back, that you're a star but you're in the presence of THE biggest star. And as I think of that, I smile on the inside.

I'm a very vindictive person.

Talking about the biggest star, I genuinely thought that when LeBron went to Miami, Wade would be the emotional leader of the team, the steady presence. He had been there before and won it all and he knew what it took. Well, I was completely fucking wrong, Wade has been making some pretty damn terrible decisions with the ball while LeBron has just been a monster. I think that where before he was just desperate for a title, he now uses that hunger to stay completely focused in the game. Though he might remain a complete douchebag off court, he has a matured a lot as a player. Refball doesn't hurt either.

Of course you may completely disagree with this and think it a disgrace the way refs are affecting the game, and how the Thunder represent the team concept much better than the Heat, and that LeBron sucks and he should never win a title.
Hey, everyone's entitled to their wrong opinion.

Discuss your feelings about the game, life, LeBron, reffing, death and whatever. But try to do it in gif form as much as possible.

The Cuttlefish overlord decides who wins and who loses.


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