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Howdy, y'all!

Whilst our dearly beloved on-court helmsman Tony Parker's eye heals after his unfortunate nightclub incident (who says the Spurs don't have any gangster street cred?), it's time for Spurs fans to cast their eyes ahead, behind, and around the world of hoops. While some of us (in the past, myself included) would prefer to bury our heads in the sand and generally forget grown men are still playing roundball for money while our heroes cool their heels at home, this year I'm stuck in Oklahoma and instead of investing in one of these am forced to observe blue Thunder flags, shirts, and bumper stickers in a torture similar to the undead chicken being forced to watch TV in the "Robot Chicken" intro. Therefore, I reserve the right to drag y'all through hell, too--you lucky bastages!

More ogling after the jump.


"It's ALIVE!"

Apparently before our Alpha Frenchie started, um, seeing things a little bit differently, his keen eyes picked up a clue that may point to the long-term plans of our Beta Frenchie, Monsieur Diaw. We all know TP loves playing with his French National Teammate in the NBA, and apparently Boris loves life in the Alamo City (can you blame the man? SA is an eatin' man's paradise, as DeJuan Blair can no doubt attest!). There's no word yet on whether he accompanied his pal to the nation's largest marine life waterpark, but then again, he might have ensconced himself in Shamu's Smokehouse, unbeknownst to us. Hard to keep tabs on those French........

Speaking of tabs on folks, be sure to check out the newly released NBA TV documentary on the 1992 "Dream Team," if you're lucky enough to have cable. By all accounts, it's worth the watch, and features in-depth interviews with the protagonists of what was quite possibly the greatest basketball squad ever assembled. San Antonio's favorite son David Robinson was, of course, a member of the '92 team, and enjoyed reminiscing about the once-in-a-lifetime experience, including forming bonds with unlikely NBA rivals. Yours truly definitely plans to check it out once he can quit his annoying habit of "being poor."

Lastly, here's wishing a happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Granddads, and Great-granddads out there! If you're lucky enough to still share this earth with your Dad (or father figure), make sure you give him a call on the morrow. This will be my first time celebrating the holiday away from home--you bet your bottom dollar I'll be giving my old man hero a ring!


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