4 Games In, Which Teams Have Efficient Players?

Now that we're four games into the 2012 NBA Playoffs we can start to see some patterns. Let's take a look at which teams have efficient players, measured by PER.

You can take a look at the player stats at this ESPN Insider page which for some reason I can access even though I'm not an "Insider." Taking a look at just the Top 100 playoff performers here are the number of players per team for the ten deepest teams so far (the Miami Heat don't make the top ten):

TIED FOR 6TH THROUGH 10TH with 6 players: Pacers, Thunder, Lakers, Clippers and Mavericks

Pacers (in order): Hibbert, Collison, Hill, West, Granger and George.

Thunder: Harden, Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Fisher and Cook

Lakers: Bynum, Bryant, Gasol, Hill, Sessions, Ebanks

Mavs: Mahinmi, Nowitzki, Kidd, West, Terry and Marion

TIED FOR 3RD THROUGH 5TH with 7 players: Clippers, Sixers and Bulls

Clippers: Paul, Griffin, Young, Williams, Bledsoe, Evans and Jordan

Sixers: Hawes, Holliday, Young, Brand, Williams, Turner, Allen and Iguodala

Bulls: Noah, Rose (based on 1 game), Gibson, Hamilton, Lucas, Boozer, and Korver

SECOND PLACE: Memphis Grizzlies with 8 players: Conley, Speights, Gay, Mayo, Gasol, Randolph, Pondexter, Mayo and Cunningham. And if you look at their team efficiency on offense and defense, they should be beating the Clippers. Although a 3-1 hole is deep I won't be shocked if they come back.


In order of efficiency: Parker, Blair, Neal, Duncan, Splitter, Jackson, Leonard, Diaw, Green, Ginobili and Bonner.

It's not even close. The Spurs are by far the deepest team measured by player efficiency. By contrast the Miami Heat have two of the top PER performers in LeBron and Wade but then a steep drop to Chris Bosh and an even steeper drop to Chalmers and Miller. That's it, 5 players in the top 100 Playoff performers. If the Spurs eventually face them it will be a series won by, ironically, having fresher legs due to a much deeper bench.

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