I don’t know if this is the right time to write something about it, considering that we’re in the midst of a playoff run and we’re quite giddy about our chances… but I beg you, consider this one. This guy deserves a look. This is something really really special. You’ll find out why after the jump.

I must admit. It sure seemed like a long shot that regulars here at PtR would even consider reading the fanpost I wrote about the promising 23-year-old 6’10” power forward Denzel Bowles several weeks back on a possibility that any of our brilliant scouts could take a look at this prospect. At the time that I wrote it, I’ve only seen him play about 4 times. I was already quite impressed by this young guy’s combination of talent, skill, athleticism, heart, and maturity for his size and age, enough for me to stake my reputation here and vouch for this young gun as a probable project. Back then, he wasn’t quite tested, yet. Right now, that’s definitely no longer the case.

Just moments ago, he brought his team, BMEG, back from the graves and won game seven of the championship series that went into overtime on an emphatic and dramatic fashion. We’ll describe later how he did it and make a very strong case that he certainly deserves a look from not just the Spurs’ scouts, but the rest of the NBA as well. But first things first, he just turned 23 a few days ago and had won the PBA Best Import award. Winning the Best Import award just basically means that he was the best player in the entire league for the regular season. Winning that award, though, pales in comparison to the out-of-this-world things he did during that penultimate game. It was definitely one for the ages.

Let’s start with his stat line: 39 pts, 21 rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl, 3 blks. He shot 55.2% from the field and grabbed 7 offensive boards, playing 50 minutes of action. He made seven of his ten freethrow attempts, but none was bigger than the two clutch freethrows that he made with 1.2 seconds left in regulation to force the game into overtime.

"Those were the biggest shots of my career, ever," said Bowles, who shed tears of joy after making the charities. "I didn't want us to lose the championship because of me and I'm glad for the opportunity. I was so scared. It was a real breakthrough for my career," he added.

His heroics didn't end there. In overtime, he went on to score 11 of his team's 14 points. He totally dominated the opposing squad all over the court. He overpowered whoever was guarding him and he was responsible for 2 key opposing big men's fouling out. Four of those 11 overtime points came from two key 20-foot jumpers that swooshed the net, yet another proof of his sweet clutch shooting.

This guy is for real. I know somebody will try to downplay this, say that this is not an NBA type of basketball or something to that effect. What cannot be denied, however, is the fact that Denzel Bowles is young, tall, strong, fast, skilled, athletic, mature, fundamentally sound, and most of all, has nerves of steel and the heart of a champion! Isn't that somebody the Spurs might be interested about? You be the judge!

Here's a link to the video of his highlights while he was playing in Lithuania. His recent stint was in the Philippine Basketball Association, the first and oldest professional basketball league in Asia.


This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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