What is *really* sexy?

I wrote most of the following this FP as a comment to neilnoonan's FP which portrayed the Thunder as the "new, sexy girl" and the Spurs as an "old, reliable friend." The premise irritated me a bit, but mostly it got me thinking about what I think is really sexy. I kinda liked what I came up with, and decided to FanPost it. (The other reason I'm posting this is that I got really irritated with two FPs in two hours that violated 1g@at imho... so I'm writing this to restore the mojo. j/k)


I'm not sure I buy the premise of the Spurs as the "old, reliable friend" -- sure, Coach Pop, Timmy, Manu, and Tony are still here, and Cap'n Jack has returned, but there are plenty of new Spurs players to be excited about, if "new" is important to you. And... as we here at PtR realized earlier than many so-called basketball 'analysts' (early last season), the Spurs 2.0 play much, much differently than the defense-first champions of the last decade, so their approach to the game is decidedly new. So it might be more accurate to portray the Spurs today as a reliable (platonic) girlfriend who you're admiring with new appreciation because of one reason or another. (That reminds me of a certain redhead I knew when I lived in San Antonio... but I digress.)

Because the thing is, the Spurs might be the new sexy. Perhaps it took Pop’s ‘nasty’ tirade to get casual basketball fans to wake up and take notice... after all, we know that nasty is sexy. :D

And you know what else is sexy?

Guys who work hard are sexy. (at least these days)

But at the same time, guys who make it look easy are also sexy.

Confidence -- but not overconfidence -- is sexy.

Never losing your cool -- even when things are going badly -- is sexy.

Offensive execution that can surgically dismember defenses is sexy.

Passing to a teammate who has a better, more open shot is sexy.

So of course, assists are sexy.

Wide-open threes are very sexy.

Big 20+-point comebacks are sexy.

Playing for your teammates is sexy.

Teammates who have your back are sexy.

Basically, beautiful basketball -- "playing the right way" -- is sexy.

A quiet superstar finding the "Fountain of Youth" and playing better than he has for years is sexy.

French are sexy.

Argentines are sexy.

Brazilians are sexy.

Rookies and young players who unexpectedly play like veterans are sexy.

Role players who are getting a second chance on a new team are sexy.

A coach who’s not afraid to motivate his players by yelling at them in public is sexy.

And above all else, winning is sexy!

So is it any wonder that I think the Spurs are the new sexy? :)

What do you think is sexy?

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