Thank you Josh Howard, Caron Butler, Kenyon Martin, and all the others who missed the bus

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of these clueless, non championship having/wanting shmucks. A special shout out to the GS WARRIORS who efforts to improve our roster will not go unnoticed. As much as I LOVE having CAPTAIN JACK back, I am even more enamored with RJ being nowhere in sight. Once again thank you, thank you MR. LACOB and the GS WARRIORS.

And last but not least, I would love to to thank Gregory Popovich for seeing the light and hearing the cries of his people.. .Like a modern day Moses he is now leading his people to the promise land... once again.....The insertion of DIAW (this guy better not leave) to the starting line up was the last cog to complete the TERMINATOR DOOMSDAY CLOCK that is the SAN ANTONIO SPURS. (CHAMPIONSHIP COUNTDOWN COMMENCE)

It is no surprise to me and many of Spursdom that ever since Blair went to the bench we are undefeated...(Special thanks to LAKERS for that 4/11/12 debacle, that really, really made POPOVICH finallllllllly come to his senses and now all of the SPURS lot is enjoying the CORONATION of the greatest team in the NBA, SPORTS, AND THE WORLD!!!!!

Unlike previous Spurs championship runs, this one is actually just starting. Every player on the roster can be as good as they are this year or even better next year...where past SPURS champions have failed to secure the DYNASTICAL BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS, this one will clearly be able to repeat this monster season....(as we know, we rested players allllllllll year and EASILY managed the best record AGAIN!!!!!!)

I know, I know.....first things first....and I'm with all of you on the one game at a time, one series at a time, one ring at a time.....But we all know TD is coming back next year....and who on this team doesn't want to keep it going with the BEST POWER FOWARD OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ARGUABLE THE MOST CLASSSSSSS CHAMPION TO EVER GRACE THE NBA AND SPORTS FOR THAT MATTER.

So once again, special love to all those that could have been on this bus with the rest of us, but missed it!!! We love you and God Bless You!!!!

AND Special love to those watchin on their couches hoping, wishing, praying that they could be part of something like this....I was in your shoes back in the 90's, I watched Michael Jordan and the Bulls control the NBA....aka THE RINGS.....I sat on my couch and hoped, and wished, and prayed that I could experience what the people of Chicago were experiencing.....12 years later....I still can't believe what we(MY SPURS(longtime season ticket holder)) have already done...MUCH LESS WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO!!!!!


I'll be present for all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS - Might want to vote TIMMY an all star next year.....or he gets very, very angry!!!! Father TIMe has rolled the clock all the way back.....what an amazing, amazing man......Thumb Size Tim? It's in the mail


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