Playoffs QuickCap #5 - San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Clippers - Game I



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Roll Call: 707kid, Josh Guyer (completely deck), In the 666, DrumsInTheDeep, The Calvinator, audreypots, Ayatollah, SpursCupcake, anirontag, tendo, Garcia III, Edg5, Manu-20, silverandblack_davis, racm, jonasfunk, Galfusica, spursfan87, LJ Hann, Heman, day_late_friend, Tim C., Marky G, Hipuks, Trey Felder, quincyscott, bj1der, Kevin21, Big50, magnuskrauss, SinCitySpur, Alamo, Pnk.Dot, Divine Beast, LatinD, oldtimeyspurfan, TD21, Outkastprince, canallon, TX2NC, theonlyromeo, EmbraceTheHate, Confidant, LancerEvox2k, Dark Black, Cello the great, NewCavsfan, Chilai, doubleteapot, juanlefuego, NYHorn, The Pinball Wizard, Izee, hurts2bgood, play_splitter, titansfan4ever, jmptexas, iashwash, p2cat, mission20, Starscream210, Iullaby, texmexspur, bones, blackhawkconvoy, pablitoo, sivanjohn, Israeli SpursFan, Sh!fty, Queness, Joseph Parkes, Newton Pham, Neuwaldegg, sexyscottish, greyberger, Spurlady, Juan Korl, theghostofjh, SpursFanTN, rick_ross, Kondor, Badpierre, sleep research facility, Jordan Leithart, bren, spursmikz, CapHill, D_Eagan, gian9, MiniMegaMoose, jacob.t.harrington, Kyle Gorzynski
Total Users: 92
Total Posts: 3252
Total Threads: 5

Name # of Posts
Trey Felder 213
SpursCupcake 200
theonlyromeo 146
sivanjohn 139
silverandblack_davis 107
The Pinball Wizard 103
DrumsInTheDeep 101
spursfan87 101
hurts2bgood 91
707kid 81
juanlefuego 75
TX2NC 68
Kevin21 66
day_late_friend 65
Kondor 65
Divine Beast 62
SinCitySpur 62
NYHorn 59
CapHill 58
doubleteapot 54
In the 666 54
play_splitter 53
Confidant 52
Dark Black 51
anirontag 49
bones 49
Jordan Leithart 45
Hipuks 44
LatinD 44
Izee 42
oldtimeyspurfan 41
Queness 41
Chilai 39
mission20 37
EmbraceTheHate 35
magnuskrauss 35
racm 35
spursmikz 33
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 32
Ayatollah 27
Manu-20 26
theghostofjh 25
pablitoo 24
blackhawkconvoy 24
Galfusica 23
quincyscott 23
Marky G 21
Edg5 20
Iullaby 20
Alamo 19
Badpierre 18
D_Eagan 18
Garcia III 15
Outkastprince 15
Big50 14
Tim C. 14
bren 12
titansfan4ever 11
audreypots 11
The Calvinator 11
Joseph Parkes 10
LJ Hann 9
TD21 9
canallon 8
Starscream210 8
greyberger 7
Neuwaldegg 6
tendo 6
rick_ross 6
jonasfunk 5
Juan Korl 5
Kyle Gorzynski 4
SpursFanTN 4
iashwash 4
bj1der 4
Newton Pham 4
Israeli SpursFan 4
Sh!fty 4
sleep research facility 3
jacob.t.harrington 3
NewCavsfan 3
gian9 3
Pnk.Dot 2
p2cat 2
sexyscottish 2
texmexspur 2
Spurlady 2
MiniMegaMoose 1
Cello the great 1
Heman 1
LancerEvox2k 1
jmptexas 1

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