Intra-Playoff Spurs Musings

I was on a business trip to Asia for two weeks that began exactly when the playoffs started, so here I was coming home expecting a marathon of Spurs games on the DVR. And what happened? There were only four games to go through, and now we wait. So what now?

Some random musings, that's what. Because there's no Spurs games to watch or talk about.

  • "Tony Parker should be in the conversation for MVP". Even though we can't see them, I assume the commentators are saying this with a straight face. They would like to add, "and if he was LeBron James, we would say he should be the MVP, no need for any conversation". The Spurs can sweep every single team for the remainder of the playoffs and TP can score back-to-back quadruple doubles on every single game and after delivering another 4-game finals sweep to "King" James. And still, Mr. James will be the rightful MVP.
  • The day the Spurs complete their four-game sweep of the first round, what did ESPN's Daily Dime have to say about it? Well, who knows. Top story was about the Clippers. Can you believe it? They are even preferring to report on the Clippers. Oh yeah, buried down there, they mentioned the Spurs. They referred to the Spurs effort as "a near collapse". But we all knew about ESPN.
  • Since Chicago has been eliminated (by the #8!), the Spurs now have home court through the entire playoffs. Try to find a news outlet that mentions that. It's a PtR exclusive!
  • These Spurs. So boring. All they do is win. Too quickly. Too easily. It's just no fun for the NBA. No rivalry games, no 7-game series with OTs and Memorial Day Miracles anymore, just clinical and calculated unraveling of their opponents. So those old fogeys can rest. Then of course the 2nd round opponent will emerge from a hard-fought 7-game series full of all kinds of Los Angeles glimmer and hype, young and beat up and struggling, to face the rested, pampered Spurs. Who will destroy them in four games. And that will also be boring. Because the Spurs are only exciting when they are barely losing to the Lakers or the Heat. Then we will get even more rest and face (probably) the Thunder, who are somehow exciting and everyone's favorite to beat the boring Spurs. Tell me, how does a team from Oklahoma get more press?
  • Won't it be a kicker when the Spurs take it to game 6 of the finals and Manu says "I know something you don't know... I am not left-handed!". Maybe they should ratchet up the excitement and everyone play left-handed, right up until game 7.

GREAT SCENE - The Princess Bride (via cinefilikos)

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