That Crazy April - going through 16 games in 23 nights

And so with a 107-101 win over Golden State, the Spurs have concluded their regular season run, and have extended their season streak of 50 or more wins to 13.

The craziest part is that the Spurs have gone an absurd 14-2 in April, much better than any other team in the league in the same period. Here's how it went:

April 3: @Cleveland, W 125-90 (Won 8)

The Spurs simply dominate a team with a second-best Kyrie Irving.

April 4: @Boston, W 87-86 (Won 9)

The Celtics were on their own win streak, and although the Spurs dominated the first half the Cs hold the guys in silver and black to 10 points in the third. They still squeak by with a win, however.

April 6: New Orleans, W 128-103 (Won 10)

The Spurs simply dominate in their highest scoring game of the regular season, despite a hot effort from Eric Gordon.

April 8: Utah, W 114-100 (Won 11) (Clinched playoff berth)

Pop makes a starting lineup change, substituting DeJuan Blair for Boris Diaw. The Spurs thus counter the big Jazz frontcourt led by Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson.

April 9: @Utah, L 84-91 (Lost 1)

Those of you who saw the Big Three rested, raise your hands. The Spurs almost won this one until the homer officiating and Devin Harris' lucky threes sealed this.

April 11: LA Lakers, L84-98 (Lost 2)

If there's any game apart from the near-comeback at Dallas in late January that could be said turning points for the Spurs' campaign, it's this one. The numbers: 26 - Metta World Peace's points, and 30 - Andrew Bynum's boards. A no-show from rested Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili didn't help either.

April 12: Memphis: W 107-97 (Won 1)

Tim Duncan finally awakens and drops 28 and 12. The ghosts of past season appear to be exorcised, as San Antonio sweeps the season series with the Grizzlies.

April 14: Phoenix: W 105-91 (Won 2) (Clinched Southwest Division)

In the first quarter Tim Duncan matches the entire Phoenix team, with the Spurs leading 35-13. The final score's a bit misleading on how dominating the Spurs were.

April 16: @Golden State: W 120-99 (Won 3)

The Big Three play limutes (TD with 11, Tony and Manu with 15 each) to set the tempo for a rout. Blair may be a persona non grata in Oakland for not letting the Ws get to 100 points.

April 17: @LA Lakers: W 112-91 (Won 4)

Tim Duncan holds off Andrew Bynum and the Spurs get payback for a home embarrassment. Tony Parker goes for 29 points and 13 dimes.

April 18: @Sacramento: W 127-102 (Won 5)

The Big Fundamental did not dress, but the score didn't show it.

April 20: LA Lakers: W 121-97 (Won 6)

Spurs spoil Kobe Bryant's return as the Silver and Black smoke the Forum Blue and Gold with their worst loss of the season.

April 22: Cleveland: W 114-98 (Won 7)

Kyrie Irving and a hot Antawn Jamison make this Spurs win closer than it really was. Again, Tim Duncan did not play.

April 23: Portland: W 124-89 (Won 8) (Clinched Western Conference)

Danny Green hits all of his shots a day after getting poked in the eye. Wow. Regrettably Gary Neal gets sidelined with a shoulder stinger.

April 25: @Phoenix: W 110-106 (Won 9)

Spurs spoil Steve Nash's possible last game as a Sun with a comeback effort spearheaded by Patrick Mills. Despite practicing in Phoenix, Big Three return to San Antonio, and so does Pop for personal reasons, leaving assistant coach Budenholzer to take charge.

April 26: @Golden State: W 107-101 (Won 10)

Mills goes hot again and posts a career high 34 points with 12 assists as the Spurs finish with their 13th 50+ win season, and their third double digit win streak of the season.

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