Updated Spurs Off-season Priorities

Patty Mills may or may not be a long-term answer at reserve PG, but that is one of several decisions the Spurs' front office will find themselves facing this off-season. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Back in February, I posted a piece (here) about what the Spurs might focus on this coming off-season. Then they went out and signed three guys. Plus Neal and Blair became more consistent, and Kawhi and DG solidified themselves as legit starters. And it seems we forgot how to lose games somewhere along the way. So, what needs to be done after all the dust settles from this memorable year, whether or not we take home a championship?

Here are my new takes on the old questions...

Top 5 Things To Do...

1. Re-sign Tim Duncan. How much does Tim have left in the tank? Everyone, including Duncan, was surprised at his resurgence this season. The development of our depth has added years to his career, but how many?

2. Re-sign Danny Green. His value has skyrocketed this season. Will PATFO bite the bullet and bring back a valuable piece of the resurgent Spurs? Or do they think they can re-create his role quickly with a cheaper alternative?

3. Sign an athletic, defensive-minded, youngish power forward (Darrell Arthur???). I still believe this is a need. Bonner is getting older, Diaw isn't a long-term solution, Blair is limited against frontcourts like LA and Memphis, and Splitter is still developing. Perhaps our Euro big men are the answer? Can they provide defense and athleticism?

4. Sign a perimeter defender to play small forward (Nicolas Batum???). No more. Kawhi Leonard is blossoming beyond expectations. If we re-sign Danny Green and with Cap'n Jack in the fold another year, this is a non-issue.

5. Re-sign T.J. Ford...or another dependable back-up point guard. Patty Mills, Gary Neal, and Manu Ginobili. Between the three, the job gets done. If Mills develops into something more than a loose cannon-lightning bolt off the bench, we'll be in great shape. Either way, we're fine.

Two Quick Thoughts...

  • I'd like to see us hang on to guys like Mills, Jax, and Diaw for a few years. They seem to be finding their places quicker than, say, a Richard Jefferson ever did. Might as well reap the rewards of that.
  • Also, I'm not addressing the draft in this post since we no longer have a first round pick. At the back end of the second round, it's doubtful, though not impossible, that we'll find an immediate contributor.

Eventually, we want the roster to look something like this...

PG: Tony Parker - Gary Neal - Patty Mills

SG: Danny Green - Manu Ginobili

PF: Tim Duncan - Free Agent Signing - Matt Bonner

SF: Kawhi Leonard - Stephen Jackson

C: Tiago Splitter - DeJuan Blair - Boris Diaw

This literally makes us 13-deep. Now, speak amongst yourselves...

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