QuickCap #48 - San Antonio Spurs @ Sacramento Kings


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The Spurs started out with sloppy basketball play, taking poor shots and causing preventable turnovers. Tiago Splitter returned and had a great start, scoring 7 pts and 6 rebounds midway in the 1st quarter. The second quarter was guided by Manu's magnificent ball handling. The Spurs went into the half up 53-49. The third quarter was a quick one, as no free throws were shot for either team. Duncan and Leonard had 14 pts each. Defense was the key to the 4th quarter, limiting the Kings to one chance on the offensive side of the court. An effective Stephen Jackson (8 pts, 3 rebs) helped with a 16-6 run to end the game. Spurs win 117-112.

Roll Call: DrumsInTheDeep, LatinD, silverandblack_davis, Spurs Yoda, KD1, rank, Wayne Vore (ATS), alamobro, audreypots, SinCitySpur, Ed (dfjmed), Edg5, Trapped in O.C., TDzilla!, Michael Chavez, In the 666, eastbaysd, Chedda(r), 4TimeChamps...and counting?, play_splitter, SpursCupcake, anirontag, Manu-20, Josh Guyer (completely deck), Spurlady, quincyscott, cuentaluis1, joshg333, bj1der, spursfan87, TX2NC, Chilai, hurts2bgood, sleep research facility, day_late_friend, MiniMegaMoose, Big50, evee, Trey Felder, Tuhamburglar, Dark Black, DreamerDeceiver, J-Brown92, TD21, Final Frame, SanAntonioGiant, Confidant, bluesteelxvii, mission20, Outkastprince, theonlyromeo, pablitoo, zargo7, chapnis, r21x, grego21, Starscream210, benfti, i luv this site, M3D1T8R, texmexspur, jonasfunk, tp_09, Kevin21, greyberger
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Name # of Posts
SpursCupcake 155
hurts2bgood 127
Tuhamburglar 114
bj1der 108
MiniMegaMoose 107
Spurs Yoda 105
anirontag 90
day_late_friend 85
Dark Black 82
In the 666 78
silverandblack_davis 75
audreypots 70
KD1 70
bluesteelxvii 66
theonlyromeo 62
TX2NC 57
TDzilla! 56
M3D1T8R 53
Ed (dfjmed) 48
Final Frame 43
DrumsInTheDeep 41
rank 39
Chilai 38
Edg5 37
SinCitySpur 37
Trey Felder 37
LatinD 33
Wayne Vore (ATS) 32
pablitoo 30
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 27
chapnis 24
eastbaysd 23
spursfan87 20
play_splitter 17
texmexspur 15
jonasfunk 14
Trapped in O.C. 14
joshg333 13
alamobro 13
mission20 12
Spurlady 12
cuentaluis1 11
TD21 10
4TimeChamps...and counting? 9
tp_09 9
Outkastprince 9
sleep research facility 8
J-Brown92 7
Big50 5
Confidant 4
benfti 3
Manu-20 3
SanAntonioGiant 3
Kevin21 2
grego21 2
DreamerDeceiver 2
Chedda(r) 1
Michael Chavez 1
evee 1
greyberger 1
quincyscott 1
Starscream210 1
zargo7 1
i luv this site 1
r21x 1

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