NBA TRADES Analysis/Discussion!

So there were lots of moves after all. Apparently teams were waiting for the Howard saga to end to start making some trades.
Lets discuss them! Of course the Jackson trade affects us directly, but what about other trades that could change the NBA landscape. Follow me after the jump.

--Warriors trade Kwame, Udoh and Ellis to the bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

Winner: the milwaukee Bucks clearly. They traed two guys who were not playing for them for a scoring dynamo who can put up ridiculous numbers (a big need for them) and a long versatile backup defensive big (another big need). This makes the Bucks the clear favorite for the 8th spot in the east, and they got to shed their two worst contracts in the process. Well done Hammond.

Loser: Warrrios. What were they thinking? Bogut has missed signicant time the last 4 seasons, sources say he is never going to be the same and he has a big fat contract. Jackson is another bad contract (that they traded anyways, see below). They traded their best player (Ellis, Curry doesnt count because he cant get on the court) and a young promising big for a BIG BIG BIG question mark.

--Spurs trade Richard Jefferson and this year's first round pick to the Warriors for Stephen Jackson.
Winner: I say both teams. The warriors are not going anywhere, so its wise for them to stockpile picks, even if it means taking on the awful Jefferson contract. For the Spurs, I Love the trade. The pick hurts, but we are already full of promising young players. And now we get Jacko Wacko, a guy who (when engaged) is a big upgrade over Jefferson, both in terms of talent and fit. Of course the main red flag about him is his attitude and off the court troubles, but if there's one team that can handle him its the Spurs. Jackson plays his ass off and its not afraid of the big moment when he is surrounded by a competing team.

--Lakers trade Luke Walton, Jason Kapono and this year's first round pick to the Cavs for Ramon Sessions and Eyenga.

Winner: Both teams. Sessions was expendable with super rookie Kyrie Irving on board, and they get a first round pick for their troubles. The lakers make a HUGE HUGE HUGE upgrade at their weakest position by getting the underrated Sessions, a guy who has produced at a high level wherever he went. This may be his oportunity to shine. He is not a perfect fit alongside Kobe, but everything is better than corpse Fisher. And they got him for a bunch of things they didnt need. Another trade that makes sense for both teams.

--Lakers trade FIsher and a first round pick to the Rockets for Jordan HIll.
Winner: Houston. They trade a bench sitter to get a first round pick. Simple win for them.
Loser: Lakers. I know that maybe Fisher could be a problem with the new aquired Sessions, but the trade cost them the only first round pick remaining for them to get a big who will probably not play for the lakers. Josh Mcroberts and Troy Murphy are comparable and they barely play.

--Clippers get Nick Young - Wizards get Nene - Denver gets Javale Mcgee, Brian Cook, a second round pick
Winners: Clippers and Denver. WOW! Talk about a good trade for the Clippers. They got a dangerous scorer at the 2 position (a HUGE hole for them) for the minimal cost of the useless Brian Cook. They still will have trouble to defend anybody, but they look scary good on offense. For Denver, this is a smart move. They were winning withouth Nene, a guy who clearly doesnt fit no more with the new spread the ball-high octane Nuggets. Nene is as injury prone as they come, and they got to shed his AWFUL contract to get back MCgee, one of the dumbest but most talented bigs in the NBA. Javale is very young, he could thrive for Karl, a guy who gets the best of knuckleheads.
Losers: WIzards. What an awful front office they have. This is a team that needs to stop trading for awful contracts. They need clever players who can lead a lockerroom and teach by example. I dont think that Nene is that guy. They should have kept stockpiling assets and getting young, cheap players. I dont know what's the plan with nene.

--Houston trade Flynn, Thabeet and a second round pick to the Blazers for Marcus Camby.

Winner: I say both teams. The Blazers are clearly done with this team, and are starting a rebuild project around Lamarcus. So the 38 year old Camby is completely useless for them. They get a pick, and a couple of BIG busts, who are still young and could develop at least into decent bench players some day. Meanwhile the Rockets trade a bunch of suck for a guy who can spell Dalembert pretty nicely for 20 minutes a night. Now they are not worried about his 6 fouls. The rockets look like a dangerous 8th seed.

--Blazers trade Gerald Wallace to the Nets in exchange for Okur, Shawne WIlliams and a first round pick.
Winner: Blazers..but not by much. They are clearly rebuildiing now, and they are blowing it all up. I think in this case that is the smart thing to do. No point in threading water to be a weak 8th seed at best. The thing is...I dont think they got enough return for a great player like Gerald Wallace. Memo and Shawne are bench sitters at this point, so they have no value. A first round pick is nice...but....seriously Gerald Wallace is pretty damn good.
Loser: Nets. I dont get what the hell they are doing. Seriously if someone can explain me. Deron WIlliams is 100% gone after this season, they are not trading for Howard...and now they have Gerald wallace just because they could trade for him. I dont think they have a plan. Whan an awful GM is Billy King.

--Pacers trade Anthony Carter and a second round pick to the Raptors for Leandro Barbosa.
Winner: both teams. But the pacers get the best part of it, because they are a team that can get really cold scoring wise, and the brazilian blur can score with ease. They got him for a very low price, almost a gift. Meanwhile, a rebuiling raptors get another pick.

-The SIxers get Sam Young from the Grizzlies in exchange for Ricky Sanchez rights.
Winner: nobody. Seriously, the Sixers dont have ANY minutes for Sam Young. The Grizzlies meanwhile trade a guy who was decent for them last year for the rights of a guy who will probably never play in the NBA. This is one of those trades front offices make just because they are bored.

-Blazers Fire Nate Mcmillan.
The Blazers are winners in my mind with this move. They see a team with no potential in the future which at best is an 8th seed in the west. They didnt have much assets to trade for upgrades. So the wise move is to rebuild around Lamarcus Aldrige, and oh boy, they are blowing everything up. They already traded Gerald Wallace and Camby. Not sure the blazers fans are happy with this, but at least their front office seems to have a plan for the future.

Post iin the comments if I forgot any other trade


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