TY PtR! and Why I choose the Spurs!

Been lurking around here for the last few years, the post "why are you a Spurs fan" by Beltran42 finally forced me to create an account. Just wanted to get some words off my chest so to speak.

My replied post was dragging on a bit, so I thought making a new post would be better. Hopefully that's OK.

Now I can remember being 5 or 6 years old, and seeing this highlight, there was this guy (at the time it looked like a giant) rising up and slamming the ball down for a major dunk (I remember the other guys wearing purple, maybe it was against the Suns or Lakers). I remember his black jersey shining from all the flash photography, I also remember him wearing the number 50.

Being from Australia, and growing up playing and watching a lot of 'aussie rules' football, basketball didn't become a focus until around mid-high school. Most of my friends were all 'Jordan fans' with myself included and by this point - due to some guy named Kobe Bryant, most of my friends were de-facto Laker fans. Yuck!

However, I still remember that dunk from when I was a kid. It was, at that point, the most magnificent display of power and athleticism that I had ever seen. By the start of high school, I had learned about David Robinson - the Admiral. So when the question was asked, "which is your favorite NBA team" I would respond, quite proudly, The San Antonio Spurs. Although I didn't know much about the team ( I still don't think I know enough now), I remember vaguely hearing about the lockout and the title won in '99 and some new kid named Tim Duncan that was meant to be pretty good, but that's about it.

I would also like to point out, that the only reason I was able to catch any Spurs news around this time, was because Andrew Gaze (Australian/Melbourne Tigers captain - my city's team, NBL all-star and Olympian) had a stint with the Spurs, which only further cemented my love and support for this team.

Other than that, well at least for the first few years of high school, the basis for my love and support of the Spurs, came from that highlight dunk, that massive, super athletic David Robinson 'in your face' slam. That dunk was probably my first taste of the NBA, oh and how glorious and rich tasting it was.

Of course as the years went on, the championships piled up, I learned of players like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, the international sensations. The in-famous Bruce Bowen torture-like defense and all the wonders about the man in charge, our beloved Coach Pop.

Like I said, I've been lurking (more troll-like admittedly) around here for the last few years but I love PoundingtheRock, from all the analytical posts and articles to the funny game thread comments and pictures. I'm proud to say JanieAnnie's photos and captions have become my staple desktop wallpapers. And seriously, how do you all stay objective and entertaining at the same time while writing a game recap?

Anyway, in my opinion, this is the greatest basketball community site for the greatest basketball team in the world.

I've been bleeding Silver and Black for about 17 years now(with a small tint of rouge left), and I've been cyber stalking poundingtherock for about the last 3. Hope ya'll don't mind, 'cuz i'm gonna keep doing it : )

I just wanted to Thank You all.

and please, don't any of you go anywhere...

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