My Little Pony: Teamwork is Magic

Now as we all know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is pretty much the greatest TV show ever made. As I had have watched this epic series, I started to notice similarities between the ponies and our Spurs. Just see for yourself.

Twilight sparkle: Tim Duncan Twilight_sparkle_after_drying_herself_s1e03_mediumTim-duncan_medium

Twilight is the smartest of the ponies at Ponyville and always finds creative ways to solve problems. Even though she isn't the most athletic pony, she can pace herself well and even beat Rainbow Dash and Applejack in the Iron Pony Competition. She is a unicorn so she can use magic to help work out situations kinda like Timmy D can work his magic on the court.

Rainbow Dash: Tony Parker Rainbow_dash_s01e13_medium Tony_parker_medium

Rainbow Dash is not just the fastest pony in Ponyville, she maybe the fastest in all of Equestria. Tony Parker is not just the fastest player on the Spurs, he may be one of the fastest in all of the NBA. Rainbow Dash is a pegasus so she can fly and has a lightning Cutie Mark. Tony Parker can fly down thei court as quick as lightning. Rainbow Dash can control the weather. Tony Parker can control the outcome of games.

Pinkie Pie: Manu Ginóbili Pinkie_pie_by_moongazeponies-d3g6mt2_medium Manu-ginobili-2011_medium

Pinkie Pie is the most random and dynamic of all of the ponies in Ponyville, but she always ends up having some kind of wisdom or forethought to the madness. LIkewie, Manu is the same way. he will make some of the most ill-advised discioions in all of the NBA and make them look brilliant.

Fluttershy: Matt Bonner Fluttershy_sad_by_305nat-d47110l_mediumMatt-bonner-sandwich_medium

Fluttershy is the softest of the Ponies yet can still come through in dire situations to help her friends. Matt Bonner is probably the softest player in the NBA yet can still come through with a string of 3's to help us win the game. Fluttershy doesn't think she is that shy. Matt Bonner thinks he is a "cross between Kareem and Blake Griffin". Bonner also has the "flutterSHYHOOK".

Princess Celestia: Coach Pop 670-princess-celestia_mediumEpt_sports_nba_experts-850238918-1247041922_medium

Princess Celestia runs the show in Equestia. She even makes the sun rise and fall. Without her, Equestria would still be with Discord and be in Chaos. Pop is the same way, He turned this team around and made it into a franchise from almost nothing. Without him the Spurs may not have won a championship and would be in chaos.

Now, this is pretty much the end of this page, I apologise ahead to you Applejack and Rarity fans. I couldn't find a metaphor for them. If you have suggestions, then put them in the comments below. also to finish this page of epicness, I will have a PTR survey for all you "Spronies" out there (Spurs-Bronies).

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