Photos from the Rodeo: New Jersey

I went to the Nets game equipped with my new camera trying to do my best impersonation of janieannie. Little did I know that I was actually time traveling to watch the Dallas Chaparrals run a practice session. Before the game I asked janieannie for any tips for taking pictures during the game and she provided some (that proved very useful). However, during the game I learned that janiannie's skill is more than pointing the camera at a subject and setting it properly. Without knowing her, this are a few things I am almost sure about her:

  • She is extremely patient
  • Has an eye for detail
  • Could have been a surgeon with her steady hand
  • Excellent timing
  • Probably has more than one pair of eyes

I also learned that the Spurs are allergic to dunking or laying the ball up when there are cameras around and ready. Especially my camera. All that said here are a few pics from the game.

Manu is warming up pre-game and getting ready to don the cape.



Tony says he will keep the cape for at least one more game. No problem for him.


Not gonna happen TONY!!!!!


Timmy with the aborted tip-off


And here we go


And some pictures of the action:




Pop messing with Leonard at half time.


Green with the defensive effort (basket was made however)


Blair: Green has not seen the Thabeet take down

Green: I will punch you!


Some notes about the game:

  • Humpries must be very difficult to box out. We are one of the best defensive rebounding teams in the league and it seemed that Humpries always was a step ahead of our guys
  • Manu is bat-slapping crazy. He comes and plays like he didnt just break his hand. He is fearless.
  • We had a scary moment when Duncan went down and stayed down for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately he came back into the game. I had flashback of our derailed season last year.
  • Matt Bonner is the star of the shoot around.
  • I dont know how the guys get used to being on the bench. Fans constantly calling your name. Tony, Tony, Manu, Manu. Timmy, Manu and Tony are pretty good at clearing all that out. One of the guys that still cannot help but turn his head is Neal.
  • RC wears some funny looking "pants". I regret not taking a shot of those.
  • It was nice to see so many Spurs fan behind the Spurs bench. Does anyone know if we always represent so well?

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