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1 OT summary report: Spurs 97 Raptors 97

  • Tim Duncan found under the rim for a dunk.
  • This overtime running how typical OT's run, very fast with a lot of missed shots by both teams.
  • Tony Parker stole the inbounds pass and gets a layup, less than a minute remaining.
  • Raptors hit a 3 to respond, bring it to 94-93 and Manu is intentionally fouled (he makes both).
  • Spurs allow a quick 2 from the Raptors, as they had set up to defend the 3 point line, 96-95. Gary Neal intentionally fouled, he makes 1 of 2 shots.
  • Spurs up 97-95 with 13.4 left, Raptors without any more timeouts.
  • DeRozan puts in his own miss and the game is tied with 0.9 left. Spurs couldn't get a shot off, and we're going to 2 OT.

4th quarter summary report: Spurs 88 Raptors 88

  • Patty Mills starts at the PG to start the quarter with Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, Boris Diaw, and Tiago Splitter.
  • Patty with an outstanding effort to get back into a fast break which negated an easy Toronto layup.
  • Tim Duncan comes in and plays alongside Bonner, which is something we haven't seen this season.
  • Valanciunas blocks a shot on one end, and Manu is forced to foul him on the other, with 24 seconds remaining in the game.
  • Spurs play for the last shot, and Tony Parker misses. Toronto will inbound with 0.1 left, so we're likely going to overtime.


3rd quarter summary report: Spurs 69 Raptors 70

  • DeJuan Blair also missing 2 easy layups.
  • The first FG comes thanks to Tim Duncan at the 6:24 mark.
  • Manu Ginobili turns his game on. He makes a few spectacular plays to bring the Spurs within 1, 69-70

2nd quarter summary report: Spurs 49 Raptors 49

T. Parker* 14 1 4 1
T. Duncan* 12 3 4 0
D. Green* 7 1 1 0
G. Neal* 3 4 0 2
D. Blair* 2 1 0 1
B. Diaw 9 1 2 2
T. Splitter 2 1 0 0
M. Ginobili 0 3 2 0
S. Jackson 0 0 0 0
M. Bonner 0 0 0 0
N. De Colo 0 1 1 0

1st quarter summary report: Spurs 24 Raptors 25

  • Spurs getting almost any look they want offensively against this Raptors defense
  • Tim Duncan made his 2,500th career block early on in the game.
  • Spurs let off defensively in the end of the quarter. Raptors got easy looking shots.


Starters: Spurs@Raptors


  1. Tony Parker
  2. Gary Neal
  3. Danny Green
  4. Tim Duncan
  5. DeJuan Blair
  1. Kyle Lowry
  2. Demar DeRozan
  3. Dominic McGuire
  4. Andrea Bargnani
  5. Jonas Valenciunas
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