AG's Contributing Winners and Losers DAL@SAS

Dallas sought to come into San Antonio and wreck havoc on a team without their main contributor. Unfortunately for the Mavs, the Spurs had some of their other players step up and RAINED down on the Mavs. It was raining so hard, head coach of the Mavericks, Jim Carrey, had to call multiple time outs just dry his team off.

Again, interior number is AG's contribution stat and the outer number are the minutes played

Ian Mahinmi 0.459 20.13
Delonte West 0.415 26.51
Jason Terry 0.389 25.17
Brendan Haywood 0.363 20.29
Mavs 0.304 240
Dirk Nowitzki 0.188 23.36
Shawn Marion 0.184 23.03
Vince Carter 0.183 20.55
Lamar Odom 0.173 26.06
Rodrigue Beaubois 0.172 21.16
Jason Kidd 0.122 11.32
Matt Bonner 0.744 24.5
Richard Jefferson 0.592 29.55
Gary Neal 0.544 20.24
Tony Parker 0.492 29.01
T.J. Ford 0.472 19.08
Spurs 0.416 240
Danny Green 0.395 23.42
Tim Duncan 0.310 25.06
Tiago Splitter 0.175 19.22
Kawhi Leonard 0.164 19.14
DeJuan Blair 0.123 18.27

When YAWN (Ian Mahinmi) is leading your team in contributions, it's not going to be a great night for you.

Bonner finally had a good game this seasons and brought the Red Rocket's Red Glare to the game. We also witnessed RJ3.0 or RJamnesty in fine form as well as Gary "Nailgun" Neal start the team off right by blasting the Maverick's defense early in the 1st.

and for Grego21, I have the leading contributors per quarter broken down

1st Quarter
Gary Neal 1.778 5.41
Richard Jefferson 1.083 8.3
Matt Bonner 0.947 5.28
Tony Parker 0.460 12
DeJuan Blair 0.434 6.32
Tim Duncan 0.303 12
Danny Green 0.200 6.19
Kawhi Leonard 0.159 3.9
2nd Quarter
Matt Bonner 0.909 7.28
Tim Duncan 0.838 4.32
Tony Parker 0.833 6
Danny Green 0.797 4.23
Richard Jefferson 0.708 10.24
T.J. Ford 0.412 6.09
Tiago Splitter 0.103 7.28
James Anderson 0.000 1.25
Kawhi Leonard -0.102 2.45
DeJuan Blair -0.144 4.32
Gary Neal -0.192 4.54
Tiago Splitter 0.600 4.37
Tony Parker 0.341 11.01
Matt Bonner 0.190 3.26
Richard Jefferson 0.114 11.01
Tim Duncan 0.061 8.34
DeJuan Blair 0.017 7.23
Kawhi Leonard 0.000 0.59
T.J. Ford 0.000 0.59
Gary Neal 0.000 6.15
Danny Green -0.114 5.45
4th Quarter
James Anderson 1.269 4.43
Danny Green 0.736 7.15
Matt Bonner 0.725 8.28
Gary Neal 0.677 3.34
T.J. Ford 0.542 12
Kawhi Leonard 0.230 12
Tiago Splitter 0.000 7.17
Ike Diogu -0.336 4.43

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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