PtR Get Together, California Style

California plus Spurs fans equals head explosion! In the first or second week of February our fearless leader, JRW, will be coming to the golden state and we’d like to have a PtR get together.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been on a couple of PtR’ish trips. One was when LatinD did his tour de States and I volunteered to be his California affiliate. On that trip I met LD and swgeek, cajones2thewall met up with us too. The other trip was to San Antonio where I again met up with LD, this time queness joined and later at a Spurs game JRW himself, the man behind the handle. I almost always have a chess game in progress with JRW, I also text Tim C. more than 90% of my "real" friends and I’m sure he regrets giving me his number every time he receives a 2am message that reads something like, "Tony is such a joke" or whatever else dumb thing I am not filtering at that time of the hour.

Why all this info? Well meeting "internet friends" can be a weird thing to think about for some. I guess the fear is that the real person ends up being nothing like the internet person you thought you knew. And in my experiences this is completely true but not how I pictured it. Everyone I’ve met, or talked to, or exchanged emails with from PtR blows me away with their kindness, intellect, generosity, wit, Spurs fanaticism…This is all to say that you shouldn’t hesitate to hang if your only concern is, "Well crap, it might be weird, I mean I don’t even know these guys." The greatest adventure of all is getting to know someone else. Too deep? Yeah. Try this: If you come, you will have a blast.

Who? Anyone. If you live in southern California you are almost required to join but anyone else who wants to take a trip is welcomed.

Where? LA area, I am thinking. This isn’t ironed out yet.

When? This kind of depends on everyone’s availability but it will be in the first or second week of February.

What? Spurs stuff and Manu stuff. Watching a game together, maybe PLAYING a pickup game, good drinks, good eats, break dance fighting.

Why? Because we like you (Mousketeer style)

Okay now let’s get this planned. Start your commenting on availability and ideas.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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